• 2007

    18 Dec 2007, 08:03 by LadyKun

    If a review for 2006 was done, then it couldn't have been any other way for 2007. Though it seems to me that this year was basically more of the same, I'm bored, infected with mono, and I honestly just can't help it so here it goes.
    Talking generally 2007 was a very nicely balanced year. And positive in most aspects. I was going to say straight away that it's been better than 2006, but I thought about it for a second and damn, they've been so different. Both great, but so different. It's like I'm so much older now. I'm not giving any details whatsoever, let's pass on to the musical side.
    Late 2006 and early 2007 were all about rediscovering The Libertines and discovering Muse. First album I got was Black Holes & Revelations, which got me into getting Absolution which instantly drove me insane. It was nothing like I'd heard before, so unique. Hysteria, Time Is Running Out and The Small Print are powerful wrathful songs which I really needed at the time... …