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    Overwhelmed by Dream River!
  • Avatar for lnqdty
    underwhelmed by apocalypse
  • Avatar for loserprofile
    Only his voice would be sufficient to put his music on my life OST
  • Avatar for shangoyal
    Dream River is breathtakingly beautiful.
  • Avatar for pinkcigarettepf
    my mediocre cover of a brilliant song, check it out!
  • Avatar for bmmello
    2001 - 2003 - 2005 - 2007 - 2009 - 2011 - 2013 - 2015?
  • Avatar for Tymbolic
    Bill Callahan is a treasure.
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  • Avatar for Hallshaster
    Billy C-Han used to chuck old, ratty dog pelts at my wife before he went into his Humpty-Dumpty coma.
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    It's embarrassing to say, but one of the biggest reasons Callahan's music hits me so strangely, is because I have been haunted by river dreams since I was very young. I can't escape them. I lived in a rainforest in a past life, which has been shown to me countless times. It seems throughout his entire creative process there has always been mention of rivers in some meaningful sense. These songs help connect me to old memories. Any way, I felt like saying this tonight, something I rarely speak of to any one about. Now it's out there. That's all!
  • Avatar for rewinddude
    Drag City released I Drive A Valence a collected book of Bill's lyrics with some of his ink painting too; it's really beautiful.
  • Avatar for haraja_deri
    heyy come to tokyo after singapore
  • Avatar for palanwen
    Wow, nice to see his popularity has massively picked up. Shocking, but happy for his success. Bill, will you come to the San Juan mountains of Colorado? I think we're meant to be, no.. like really. I dream of rivers.
  • Avatar for vals81
    Here pics and impressions of the Nijmegen concert:
  • Avatar for Buzku
    Great gig at Flow Festival!
  • Avatar for lennford
    Can't wait too see him next week
  • Avatar for vals81
    Here pics and impressions of the Berlin concert:
  • Avatar for neckbeard27
    bill, will you come to Moscow?
  • Avatar for Akayz7
    ty m8, that live performance struck chords with my soul. ;)
  • Avatar for Etedesco
    Dream River is amazing, has a great vibe.
  • Avatar for viniciuskoch
    Jim Cain.
  • Avatar for brushfired
    Have Fun With Dub!
  • Avatar for Seraphin84
    only Javelin Unlanding
  • Avatar for Akayz7
    obsessed with Dream River godddanngggg
  • Avatar for shobhnaguerin
    yay small plane at number one. just as it should be.
  • Avatar for goandrewgo
    "Dream River" is 21st best album of 2013 according to summarized year-end-lists by 13 publications
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  • Avatar for mattheussss
    dream river is the best album of 2013
  • Avatar for peburgess
    Dream River is listed in my top 12 albums of 2013:
  • Avatar for brushfired
    Dream River is included in The Best of 2013:
  • Avatar for Zaphers
    Number 9:
  • Avatar for ironarmatom
    he was on comedy bang bang's podcast last week--- not that funny, .. almost thought he killed the show, . but he plays a few tunes, and warms up over the hour
  • Avatar for MissSmack
    I'm mad for this music.
  • Avatar for Buggy08
    The Pitchfork Effect
  • Avatar for JustChewIt
  • Avatar for Goomba4001
    Stupid 21+ concerts. Stupid stupid stupid.
  • Avatar for voredhelion
    A review of Dream River @ SftDS:
  • Avatar for jinzou
    iloveyou (ʃƪ ˘ ³˘)
  • Avatar for aFonderReel
    Thank You.
  • Avatar for aFonderReel
  • Avatar for SIRIUSACMA
    Ride My Arrow
  • Avatar for Jacqu3z
    That graph...
  • Avatar for XInsanityX
    Well the only words I said today are "beer" and "thank you" Beer, thank you Beer, thank you Beer
  • Avatar for rewinddude
    So good ! Bill is THE man.
  • Avatar for Bassoine
    every time i listen to the sing it makes me want to drink beer....and i usually do. Thank you Bill.
  • Avatar for shobhnaguerin
    don't care about the pitchfork rating, but the review was pretty fucking spot-on. Callahan at his calmest, happiest. such beautiful stuff. Exactly what I needed, selfishly enough.
  • Avatar for aFonderReel
    Album of the year
  • Avatar for theotherivan
    Guys this new record is very very good what's up


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