• Big Star - Third/Sister Lovers

    22 Nov 2008, 23:06 by DerekBowie

    I think I've promised the world one last Big Star review. I did #1 Record and I did Radio City, so now it's time for Third/Sister Lovers, also tagged as Third / Sister Lovers, Third - Sister Lovers and simply Third. The sister lovers part comes about because I think at that point Chilton and Stephens were dating sisters.

    I should probably mention that in going to this album in iTunes, I immediately got distracted and started listening instead to songs from Radio City. Damn, but that album's good.

    So, Third starts off with Kizza Me. The yelping vocals are an introduction to the warped reality that is this album. The prominent tinkly piano and fuzzy guitar give this song a chaotic, unsettled tone.

    I want to feel you deep inside
    I want to feel you deep inside
    I want to feel you
    Kizza me
    Lesa, why not?

    The song ends at his command: That's enough, baby...

    Since this album wasn't released properly while the band was together, the tracklisting isn't set in stone and a couple of versions are floating around. …