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Formed in Australia in the late 80s, Big Pig consisted of several vocalists, percussionists, keyboard players and at least one harmonica player but used no guitars. They played a fun, danceable style that emphasized syncopated rhythms and vocal harmony with an unexpected socially conscious lyrical bent. Their only U.S. 'hit', Breakaway, appeared on "Bonk", as well as on the Bill & Ted Soundtrack.

The group's second album "You Lucky People" was released in Australia. Not as dark as the first album, the second featured a lighter, more dance-oriented pop sound.

The group disbanded after the two releases.

Band Members included:
* Duncan Beamont (Lead Drums)
* Nick Disbray (lead vocals, percussion)
* Sherine Abeyratne (lead vocals, percussion)
* Oleh Witer (vocals, drums)
* Tony Antoniades (vocals, harmonica)
* Tim Rosewarne (vocals, keyboard)
* Adrian Scaglione (drums)
* Neil Baker (drums)

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