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-Big John Bates has been concocting his hellfire remedies for the past decade. After playing over 1000 shows in 17 countries around the world for tens of thousands of fans this endorsed Gretsch-slinger has hooked up with a menacing new band. It features Brandy Bones (endorsed by Hofner upright bass and sharing lead vocals) and T-Hag powering the machine on the drums. They’ve been digging up the dark roots of Americana and hammering them with garage punk blues, laying down 10 wicked tracks for the new Battered Bones album - and they’re heading out on the “Hellfire Remedy Tour” in October 2011.+Big John Bates' new album Battered Bones is the vanguard of a sound that meshes rock, gothic Americana and dark, subversive swagger; a live powerhouse trio that created "a niche that bassist Brandy Bones has ordained rustic punk." - (SLC Weekly)
"An irresistible hipster draw" - The Telegraph (Illinois) "An irresistible hipster draw" - The Telegraph (Illinois)
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"The Big John Bates Grindshow is not only a band; they are an infectious lifestyle choice that needs to be absorbed by all of humankind." - Twin Cities (Minneapolis 2010) "The Big John Bates Grindshow is not only a band; they are an infectious lifestyle choice that needs to be absorbed by all of humankind." - Twin Cities (Minneapolis 2010)
 +Big John Bates' new album Battered Bones takes John's signature southern punk sound and embraces more rustic, gothic Americana influences. The new album was co-written with Brandy "Bones" Bates (upright bass) and hits a new level of artistic maturity for the band. The Bates share vocal duties and explore rural themes and melodies and the album also features the powerful agr-industrial percussion of Tim "Striking Viking" Hagberg. Battered Bones explores a frontier shared with 16 Horsepower; Legendary Shack Shakers; Hank III; Jack White; & PJ Harvey.
 +Bates has played over 1000 shows in 17 countries; headlined to 10,000 at Germany's Stemwede festival; a federal prison in Belgium and topped the bill with the Fuzztones at the first Stag-o-lee Festival. They've performed at the oldest theatre in Germany, were banned by Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas and awed festival crowds in Palermo, Sicily. They played the Raalte Festival in Holland with the Blasters & Solomon Burke and the Ink & Iron Festival in Long Beach with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. They’ve even been featured on Battlestar Galactica (Season 3, Episode 14 – The Pleasure Planet). They’ve made their name on doing countless tours of North America in their Murderbus, playing with Andre Williams, the Supersuckers, the Belrays, New Bomb Turks, Boss Hoss, Koko Taylor, Dex Romweber, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, US Bombs, the Blasters & T-Model Ford.
 +They’ve also had a song from Mystiki featured in the film "Un Singe Sur Le Clos" from CauriFilms in France, been interviewed on A&E / Discovery for the special on Russ Meyer, had cover stories in Bizarre Magazine and Tattoo Life Magazine and have been featured in many lifestyle coffee table books. All of Big John Bates recordings have been included in Library and Archives Canada "dedicated to providing the best possible account of Canadian life through acquiring, preserving and making Canada's documentary heritage accessible". And of course Bates was the co-founder/singer for thrash giants Annihilator (co-writing albums Alison Hell, Never Neverland, King of the Kill).

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BE CAREFUL, many of the songs associated with this artist are not by the CURRENT Big John Bates Band. Last FM has added songs from Bates' PREVIOUS band (Big John Bates & the Voodoo Dollz) and the two bands do not share the same sound, style or members. Sorry about any confusion, we have been trying to get them to fix this glitch since 2012. *************************** “Blood, whiskey and knives, Big John Bates “one of Vancouver’s most notorious musicians” (Globe & Mail) knows how to set the mood for trouble. The music is “backwoods punk with a sinister edge” but there is more, so much more, going on in the crazy collective conscious that is Big John Bates.” Bates is known around the world for enigmatic and energetic live performances, employing power tools and breaking thru the barriers between audience and performer. The Big John Bates band mixes a Western Gothic style of lyrics into a rock’n’roll explosion. In 2012, Big John Bates hit Jello Biafra’s (Dead Kennedys) radar. Thanks to that introduction, Alternative Tentacles began supporting the EP “Headless Fowl” while BJB was touring with Murder By Death. Bates quickly followed that with the LP “Battered Bones” on Germany’s Rookie Records, which brought them to Quentin Tarantino’s attention while he was scouting music for Django Unchained. They also released two western-themed YouTube videos in 2012 – Amerkin & Taste the Barrel. *************************** Big John has most famously written, sung and performed with the Voodoo Dollz, Annihilator and Bif Naked. He’s played over 1500 live shows in 20 countries. He’s been removed from backstage by Solomon Burke, chastised by Koko Taylor, has done emergency guitar surgery for the Blasters and was charmed by B.B. King. He was run out of Vegas on a rail, had musicians slip off into the forever and once managed to tour Sicily in a convoy of sports cars. He played a vineyard on an Italian mountaintop with the flash Andre Williams, got bar-charm lessons from T-Model Ford and had his Falcon’s pickguard signed + kissed by Poison Ivy. He’s saved Brandy Bones from the clutches of Hank3′s crew, performed in abandoned fish-ponds in Belgian squats and German WWII bunkers. There is never a cancel button.