• My Favourite Songs of May

    21 May 2008, 16:07 by papershreds

    My "current favourites" playlist for this month on iTunes consists of:

    Ambulance Ltd
    Barry Louis Polisar
    Big Face
    The Bird and the Bee
    Cut Copy
    James Holden
    Lykke Li
    Neon Neon
    Sonic Youth
    The Ting Tings

    Edit: Just wanna add MGMT's album Oracular Spectacular and Vampire Weekend's self-titled album to this list. Got them today: awesome!

    Gonna try and make this a monthly post :)
  • Big Face & Midnight Juggernauts

    6 Apr 2008, 04:27 by never-in

    Thu 3 Apr – Midnight Juggernauts, Big Face

    The Beat Club is certainly not one of Glasgow's best venues. The obvious reason being that the stage is very narrow and therefore it is difficult for many bands to fit all of their equipment on it, never mind themselves. Nevertheless, Big Face took this in their stride and knocked out a belter of a performance once again. They played a short but perfect set and in a nutshell, they were the perfect band to get the audience grooving for Midnight Juggernauts.

    By the time the headlining band hit the stage, the crowd was eager for them to get to work entertaining them. The atmosphere was electric and the crowd crammed themselves onto the narrow dance floor. Any alcoholics in the audience would have been annoyed at the fact that the bar runs parallel to the dance floor, as the growing crowd made it very difficult to order drinks!

    In my opinion, the star of the Midnight Juggernauts that night was the drummer. …
  • Connect Festival Day 1

    5 Sep 2007, 23:16 by faintgirl

    Connect was a festival full of musical awesomeness, but for me this definitely peaked on the final day. Day one saw a bit of patchy drizzle, and with it a bit of a patchy show of bands.

    I began my day with Big Face, who the programme said sounded like a fridge falling down the stairs (I'm pretty sure it was "a fridge" and not "Fridge," which would maybe have been quite different. They started in a great bleepy fashion and I was quite into it, and then suddenly the evil spirit of Brandon Flowers showed up and it all went downhill from there. Needless to say I beat a hasty retreat after two such disappointing tracks.

    I then went to collect Eleanor from the swamp of a campsite, and we headed to see CSS. The girls looked like they were putting on the usual great show, but unfortunately the sound down the front of the main stage was a bit screwed, and after a set of muffled lyrics and absent guitars & synthesizers, I was severely terrified for the rest of the weekend.