Finals are ended

17 Dec 2009 | from

So, finals are done. I'm taking next semester off to do some pretty big music things... I'll make a FEW announcements pretty soon here. I'm talking big giant steps. Sorry if I'm vague, but there isn't too much I can give away right now. Wish I could.
This just a pre-update to my more major updates which will be PUBLIC soon. Just know that I will be doing more music this winter/spring/summer than I have in my whole life.

Get stoked.
I'm eager to let you guys know. ^_^

Recent youtube video:

Kinda over making videos on my mac; can not wait for this camera.

Current status of projects:
Same as last post for the most part.
Writing some disgusting new DTG, which I am personally stoked on.

Take care guys and keep in touch!

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