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13 Dec 2009 | from

Regarding my last blog... This blog is a new thought overlaying the last blog.... if that even makes sense.
This is also a way for me to procrastinate studying (thumbs up)

I'm going to be making a reality show of my life/family. FOR FUN! YAY!

Characters for the HB show:
"Bunny The Dog"

"Jim, his real name is James"

"Anut Valen"

"Carmon The Bitch"

"Haley Williams does not want to be filmed"

As well as various guest.

Note... I'm actually doing this, but I'm not serious.. Theme songs and everything.

Everyone is going to wish that I never got a video camera. It's going to be great!!!!

Current status of projects.
Disfiguring The Goddess- Just re-stringed my guitar for a boost in motivation. Getting creative on these next few tracks.
Big Chocolate- "CMA" release is processing on for it's journey on to iTunes. "First Degree Revolution" Is basicly done, I just need to make this sample work and I'm too lazy to do it.
Abominable Putridity- Russians rehearsing, I'm writing horror movie death metal lyrics.
The Mercury Drug- Gettin' re-pumped on TMD. Brainstorming for ideas for the music video we will be filming in late december early january. HELLO COMEBACK!

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