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  • new album is fucking mediocre -.- too poppy, too many singers.
  • Boi stop
  • in the a and thom pettie are the only unlistenable tracks
  • ehhhh most of these collabos are better on paper than in practice. "in the a" makes the whole thing worth it though
  • New albun is fucking awesome!!!
  • The album is awesome, god fucking damn it
  • desceding...
  • the song is cool its just that pop tart ass hook i dont like.
  • Man, I am actually in love with the song featuring Wavves.
  • Wavves is such a piece of shit. Big Boi should have known better.
  • Wavves shouldn't have been on this album but other than that I don't see a whole lot wrong with it :3
  • that wavves hook sounds very cheesy. my only complaint.
  • @OxyCyrus: Agreed, but I'm down with the results. Besides, hipsters have always had a hard on for Outkast.
  • Oh and Jai Paul. Anything Jai Paul touches is motherfucking gold, ya un'stand me. Dude needs to hurry up and drop an album ASAP, and I ain't talkin bout Rocky n them.
  • I love originality in rap music but i'm lukewarm to this album. that being said, i love the cuts with phantogram, i love that cut with ludacris. the little dragon spots were top notch too, she has an AMAZING voice (blows most mainstream singers away). I feel like the Wavves cut and the Kid Cudi cut were the two weakest. Wavves was way out of place. I love his regular stuff but he sounds awkward on a rap album. I also love the little sinewy stuff at the ends of these songs that give the album more character than just a "collection of songs". overall 8/10
  • Mama Told Me featuring KELLY ROWLAND. ♥
  • Yeah, it's a grower, but some tracks just fall flat. Especially the collabs with Kid Cudi and Kelly. I always skip the track w/ Kelly. Mostly because it's shitty, but also because I wanna listen to "Lines". Best track is def "In the A" but I agree it sounds a little out of place here.
  • That CPU track is nice.
  • v Because all the Kid Cudi-Fans listen to this song.
  • "She Hates Me" is the top track? Lol, why?
  • I can see this album being a grower, and I support Big Boi's constant artistic progression, but can't help but yearn for that old school Organized Noise sound I want on all the beats.
  • Does Big Boi suffer from second album syndrome? Does he have too many ideas on the new record? On my Podcast this week we chat about Big Boi and the release of his new LP. If you like Big Boi and people talking about Big Boi then you should listen:
  • new album is fresh, original, unique and fun.[2] but still it ain't as good as the first album.
  • Haven't spinned it yet, but I'm suuuuuuper excited. All of those features are a thing of beauty.
  • That album is really a grower! Very melodic, different and adventurous. Only song I don't like is "Tremendous Damage" (the 1st half) cause it sounds too familiar. Anyway it seems like Big Boi can do whatever he wants, he will never suck. He will never cast a damning light on 'Kast.
  • New album is niiiiiiiiiiice.
  • Scratch that V I spoke to soon. Still better than those others, though.
  • it's i think i like it
  • 4th track in and this is something serious. Glad I saved the best for last for the release date with Jeezy, Game, and Big Boi. Why am I saying those names in the same breath? Don't execute me, please.
  • New album is a grower.
  • Love his beats
  • Great album. One of most interesting and high-quality albums of this year.
  • good especially cpu
  • Love the new album Bought it Yesterday A1 Music
  • Reading the shouts is an illuminating experience. People's opinions on "Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors" are all over the place. It bangs to me. No skippable tracks have surfaced for me thus yet, and that is a remarkable feat.
  • this new album is bad man..
  • The tracks featuring Phantogram are the best ones.
  • new album dope
  • amazing collabs. a truly solid album
  • Raspberries is the perfect earworm.
  • CPU bangs [2]
  • Sadly Big Boi's the least interesting part of a lot of the songs.
  • CPU bangs
  • "CPU" is a great example for it
  • prodcution wise this is a great album, but i understand those who might be a bit dissapointed. The Sound is next Level Shit. Soul, Pop, Electro, Psychedelic shit. Like it. It is mainstream but in the same time it is not, because it's to futureristic sound.
  • Big Boi just tries different sounds, that's what OutKast always did. Y'all forget what Big Boi stands for. Fun and the joy of experimenting. At least nothing on this is farfetched, maybe that unnecessary Kid Cudi feature. If you think that this album is boring then I tell you... take some time off - you are jaded.
  • "In The A" is a complete banger!
  • first half of the new record is really great, 'apple of my eye' is one of the best things he's done solo. then after 'mama told me' it goes a bit wrong for me. gonna keep going with it though and hopefully it'll click. production throughout is dope though.


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