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  • Avatar for SubUmbra
    Faint is reference quality music for testing headphones besides being an excellent record.
  • Avatar for femeref
    You can download that here:
  • Avatar for NGC_1277
    Where can i download this?
  • Avatar for skalberg242
    I was a bit intoxicated when I wrote the stuff below me. But I stand by it. BSE since Pursuit sounds like nothing else. That swedish, urban feeling is hard to explain.
  • Avatar for skalberg242
    No Lights In Our Eyes is one of the darkest and most miserable albums I've heard. The soundtrack to the empty, urban hell that we western people go through on a daily basis without even thinking about it. We exist without emotions. All is grey. Most black metal bands fail to capture this feeling. Have a nice day.
  • Avatar for edubbwitthevdub
    Really great stuff
  • Avatar for Skorp_Dead
    О, Пушкин.. Рукоплещу. [2]
  • Avatar for RainSpiritCM
    Can't wait for the next release!!
  • Avatar for Golovleva
    О, Пушкин.. Рукоплещу.
  • Avatar for Hari_Maia
    Dark Ambient too:
  • Avatar for AbyssmalMonk
  • Avatar for Arkandast
    Как же прекрасен и красив звучанием этот альбом: "Modern Day Diabolist". Особенно вот эта композиция: "Rapt From Earthly Things".
  • Avatar for dr_bun
    its very silent round here :( for me the new album grows on you a bit but is nowhere near as good as the last 4
  • Avatar for dr_bun
    the voice on the second track respect is walt from breaking bad
  • Avatar for dr_bun
    just received my copy of faint :) anyone got an opinion on it yet?
  • Avatar for M_Spawn
    Pursuit Of Pleasure is superb [2]
  • Avatar for klausvoid
    Pursuit Of Pleasure is superb
  • Avatar for Uruakan
    Nice sampling, but i'm afraid they also "sampled" a melody by múm - subtile and slowed down, but it's clearly there in " lost in habblahester" from min. 1:40 on. The múm song would be this one: - starts at 0:38. I don't really care, though.
  • Avatar for NorseDave
    Great stuff!
  • Avatar for dinkydauisshit
  • Avatar for Svartsinnåsvart+Aften+Vol.+6
  • Avatar for Shahmata
    Modern Day Diabolists - belissimo
  • Avatar for JohnLithium
    Ordered the album thru Cyclic Law the other day; the samples sounded awesome. :D
  • Avatar for Umren
    Anyone heard new album already?
  • Avatar for Eknan
    More excellence from Cold Meat, but not quite as good as Kerovnian.
  • Avatar for StMickey
    One of the best dark ambient artists ever!
  • Avatar for LeVoyeurMalade
    I love listening to No Lights In Our Eyes when I'm returning home drunk, late in the night...
  • Avatar for Gerried_off
    Like being in the waiting room for heaven, maybe hell
  • Avatar for PP667
  • Avatar for Hexoctahedron
    If you're interested in BSE and similar stuff, you're welcome to my musical blog - [url=]Never Heard These Sounds[/url].
  • Avatar for nabraxas
    I'm having quite the 'where has this been all my life' experience with The Dull Routine Of Existence!
  • Avatar for Nachkebia
    The Dull Routine of Existence is brilliant
  • Avatar for amyjothewriter
    Like tickling an open wound... I love this!!!
  • Avatar for meninesiela
    amazing :)
  • Avatar for JohnLithium
    Just got my copy of "Zielona Góra" in the mail the other day...really fantastic work, as usual. :D
  • Avatar for SweetTenderness
    swedish dark ambient / atmospheric ambient band
  • Avatar for paola_tess
    very suitable for my mood... thanks, dear artists! you made my day....
  • Avatar for dmiyagawa
    yeah what glupo said.
  • Avatar for trancing
  • Avatar for N0sferr
  • Avatar for SulphurSouls
    No Lights In Our Eyes is quite impressive, I like it more than the preceding CMI releases..
  • Avatar for SulphurSouls
    Like most Cold Meat, beautiful material.
  • Avatar for robbibt
    Incredible; really amazing stuff.
  • Avatar for PsychoPL
    lol, in track Long The Night there is a dialog in polish language:D Amazing;]
  • Avatar for redchrome
  • Avatar for Timmy3RJF
    anyone no the lyrics in The End Has No Beginning?? its driving me crazy trying to find whats being said, i mean i hear the words, but once you read them you no for, just msg me if you no:) thanks
  • Avatar for ffxi_frohike
    Some of the vocal loops are annoying, but overall this is really good dark ambient.
  • Avatar for antilochus
    good stuff. new to ambient and loving this album
  • Avatar for Magellanas
    One of my favorite ambient artists.
  • Avatar for TheRockers
    They all say the same thing, is really a great piece of work!


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