• another random survey

    6 Nov 2006, 00:09 by zombi_whore

    Why are you taking another music survey?
    Song: When it's springtime in Alaska (it's forty below)
    Artist: Johnny Cash
    Comment: well...it is pretty cold right now

    What's currently in your fridge?
    Song: Me so horny
    Artist: Richard Cheese
    Comment: maybe the artist would work better than the song title

    Your biggest nightmare?
    Song: it's raining on prom night
    Artist: Me First and the Gimme Gimmes
    Comment: oh, no!!! what a nightmare, the prom was lame anyway

    What place would you like to visit?
    Song: it ain't me babe
    Artist: Bob Dylan
    Comment: nope..does not work

    A reason to commit suicide?
    Song: red headed woman
    Artist: Deke Dickerson
    Comment: good enough reason for me

    Why are we here?
    Song: dirty old town
    Artist: The Pogues
    Comment: yep

    Something you never dared to say to anyone...?
    Song: i wanna fuck myself
    Artist: GG Allin
    Comment: HAAHAAHAA

    One thing the world really doesn't need?
    Song: hi-fi baby
    Artist: Betty and the Bops
    Comment: eh

    What's your biggest unfulfilled wish?