• A guide to "Masterpieces" playlist

    26 Oct 2014, 16:00 by ObiVanKaRobi

    Note: Work in progress! Will add more, as I'll have time/inspiration. :)

    The world of the music is like an ocean. Whatever one’s musical taste and listening scope may include, there’s always more to discover. These are few of the songs, that I really enjoy listening to, and consider being masterpieces. It may be because of the lyrics, arrangement, vocals, or maybe sum of it all – “good music” is hard to define, and it’s deeply subjective, ofc. Happy discovering!

    Björk Jóga

    Her one of the more “accessible” masterpieces, “Jóga” is lyrically as simple, as musically rich - from arrangement of chords, to Björk’s unique voice. It’s a product of influences, crafted in a masterfully artistic way, and the end result is amazing.

    Florence + the Machine Cosmic Love

    Florence Welch paints a stunning soundscape with her voice, backed up by spine-tingling drumwork, describing falling in love in apocalyptically celestial metaphors of light and darkness. …
  • 20k scrobbled songs: a top20... uhm top30 of goosebumps songs!

    1 Jan 2010, 16:42 by TWeevers

    In my previous journal, I wrote about a personal top20 that I was making because of heading towards 20,000 scrobbled songs since April 2008. In the end it became a top 30 because some songs are just to beautiful to delete from the list and the differences in feeling are sometimes too small to say that song A is better than song B (e.g. Pyramid and Ruled by Secrecy at the end of the list).
    Both myself and my father went through this process separately. Because we are strongly musical connected, we expected that the comparison of the process and the outcomes (the actual lists) would be very interesting and fun.
    Well, I can say that it was! I started with a list of 50 songs, that I listened to over and over again. In different conditions, different orders and even on different speakers. When I felt the 'goosebumps', I asked myself a number of questions:
    1. Is the feeling related to a specific happening of the past or person?
    2. How long (duration) and how strong (intensity) does this feeling take place?