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Italian born, Bernardo Lanzetti went to school and graduated in Texas as an A.F.S. student. Back in Italy, he formed "Acqua Fragile", a rock progressive band and released in 1973 an album by the same name followed by "Mass Media Stars" in 1974.

Bernardo, lead vocal and guitar, was responsible for the English lyrics and for most of the music and arrangements. Critics, at the time, found his vocals reminiscent of Roger Chapman and Peter Gabriel.

In '75, Bernardo was called to join P.F.M., to record "Chocolate Kings", "Jet Lag" and to be the band's front man on tours in Japan, U.K., Canada and U.S.A.

Lanzetti went solo in '79 and, in the following years, he was in London, at Vangelis studio, to record with British musicians like Clive Bunker(Jethro Tull), John Perry (Caravan), as well as Steve Simpson, Frank Ricotti and lan Carr.

After the London years, the Artist started to develop his very personal approach to electronics. Always working around his voice and through his live performing, Bernardo Lanzetti has been testing and developing fine machines like the Fairlight Voice-Tracker (pitch and character-to-midi), ending up to invent a unique device he called "Glovox", a glove that placed on his throat, picks up vibrations to be processed as an eclectic mono instrument.

In the meantime, he started his experience in Theatre, singing leading roles in oratorio productions of: "The Three Pennies Opera" (K.Weill, B.Brecht), "Porgy and Bess" (G.Ghershwin) and "Polifemo"-a modern opera performed at the Teatro Regio in Parma. With the Toscanini Orchestra, in '92, Lanzetti was Tony in L.Bernestein's "West Side Story"and, in'96, played Jago in "Mr.O", a new opera by G.Gaslini inspired by Shakespeare's Othello.

With "Teatro Arsenale" in Milan, in 1997 the Artist wrote the music for a play created after Allen Ginsberg's poem "Kaddish" and performed it on stage.

"Christmas in the World" is a collection of classic and original Christmas songs performed by Bernardo Lanzetti along with Opera singers like soprano Cecila Gasdia and baritone Michele Pertusi.
"Cover Live", a live album recorded in 1997, gives perfect picture of B.L. performing with his band. Famous Rock, Blues, Soul, Progressive songs and interaction with audience are featured on a tight, no tricks, true recording.

"I Sing The Voice Impossible", released in 1998, is a very special collection of studio tracks that comes out after many years of dedicated writing, vocals & electronics research and experimentation.
Recorded over 4 years, arranged and produced by Dario Mazzoli, this work is very innovating as the voice of the Artist is featured as subject (writer), object (performer) and "controller", affecting electronic instruments on the tracks through the help of special devices like the Glovox.

"Master Poets", released by Tring-records in spring 99, is a tribute to the poetry of great singer-song writers.
Ten compositions by major Artists like B.Dylan, T. Waits, J. Mitchell, L. Cohen, N. Young, B. Springsteen as well as L. George (Little Feat) G. Nash (C.S.&N.) and J. Hendrix are kindly revisited and highly performed by Bernardo Lanzetti who also wrote three originals motivated by and related to Poetry. Arranged by D. Mazzoli.

Bernardo Lanzetti "The Best" is his latest release. It features new recordings of material dated from 1975 to 1999! P.F.M. compositions, songs taken off his _ solo albums, live shows and experimentation plus two brand new, original compositions comes with an 8 page-booklet with photos and official Bio.

In 2000 and 2001 Bernardo Lanzetti writes and performs on stage music for “Mr Burroughs/Mr Bladerunner, a drama by Teatro Arsenale after Mr Burroughs writings. The vocalist also acts in the role of some sort of a “Virus Assistant”.

With the band “Extra” the artist performs in clubs and town-squares.

Very active in permanent fights against arrogance in the music business in 2000, Bernardo Lanzetti has won an important battle concerning his share of royalties for the three studio album with P.F.M.

Recently have been published Giorgio Gaslini Song Book Volume 1 and Volume 2 featuring Bernardo as one of the performing solo singer.

After the 2004 "EXTRA" Summer Tour, Mr. Lanzetti has been working on paintings and music for his studio party in November. On the occasion, the little orchestra with A. Nidi on piano, M. Ferraguti on clarinet and percussions, Stefania Rava vocalista has been successfully performing songs out of the most famous musicals.

On the "Prog" side, Bemardo has been recording vocals for "Arti e Mestieri" performing new versions of their fìrst compositions and with "Beggar's Fanrr has started a new series of concerts with a strictly '70 repertoire.
Lyrics for "Mangala Vailis" new Concept have been completed and the Artist is truly excited about his work and all its implications.
Recordings in studio with Mangala Vallis are still taking place as the album is due for the beginning of next. May.

Bernardo Lanzetti is the first Italian vocalist to be mentioned in the American Rock Encyclopedia. He successfully achieved playing 12 gigs on the same day in 12 different venues in Milan in 1982. He had been chosen, at the time, to translate in Italian the lyrics of the album “Nebraska” by Bruce Springsteen.

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