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  • littlechuckiec

    Departures definitely among the best of 2013.

    January 2014
  • BeckyMUK

    Happy birthday Bernie! Quite appropriate that I've just had Departures drop through my letterbox - an Aussie friend of mine sent it over as I was struggling to get hold of it here in the UK.

    August 2013
  • igorsoares07

    So far, Departures is one of the best albums of 2013

    July 2013
  • julietterose7

    Loving your new album Departures! A beautiful way to honour the sound of vintage Powderfinger as well as put your own stamp on it and create a wonderful collection of songs. Check out Happy's blogpost! http://hhhhappy.com/2013/05/28/bernard-fanning-arrived/

    July 2013
  • GeorgeDrucsen

    Review: Bernard Fanning – Departures [7/10]

    June 2013
  • DiSTANToblivion

    While I don't enjoy his new album as much as Tea & Sympathy it's still really good.

    June 2013
  • MissSmack

    Bought it tonight and making my way through it. I love Bernard for his personality that shines through his lyrics. I enjoy his live interviews on Australian Tv (ABC particularly). Thanks for the tunes, BF. x

    June 2013
  • p_terg

    Bernald is 0 like either BCB or Alex Lloyd.

    October 2012
  • bgallinger

    incredible album. love coming back to this one.

    July 2012
  • vecratar

    bernard fanning is great

    March 2012
  • Black_Moon_Jam

    Tea and Sympathy...one of my favourite albums and always will be...Hope to hear some new material soon, can only wish for a UK tour

    March 2011
  • sermim

    yeaah, i'd looooooove a new fanning record >< !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    January 2011
  • cool301

    In desperate need of a new Fanning record!

    September 2010
  • MMarjolein

    Awesome. (:

    April 2010
  • aussie4570

    Bernard Fanning . What can I say....... he's awesome :)

    March 2010
  • Rendellious

    This man never ceases to amaze me, he truly is a god

    March 2010
  • Musicboehmy

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    January 2010
  • kellstar4

    hey guys! just a little recommendation. you guys would love The Indigo Children. They are a new band from Australia, check them out their new lastfm page on: http://www.last.fm/music/The+Indigo+Children their myspace on: www.myspace.com/theindigochildrenrock and their DEBUT ALBUM 'NEW LIGHT' on iTUNES!

    January 2010
  • clutchmidwood

    check this out --> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u5Aix07MLHE

    December 2009
  • BrynnerFell

    I love the piano/guitar combination in Hope & Validation. Sheet music?

    November 2009
  • fabiensuzanne

    SUPER GROOVE. J'adhère

    July 2009
  • gnewbery

    If you havent already, make sure you check out SHELTER FOR MY SOUL off the Ned Kelly Soundtrack - it's awesome. Video on You Tube.

    April 2009
  • jfarquhar

    I agree with bboy_sonik, I have a huge man-crush on this guy.

    April 2009
  • texprofile

    Hi all come join my Aussie music group? http://www.last.fm/group/%28%27Australian+Folk%2C+Country%2C+Rock%27%29

    March 2009
  • aussiExplorer

    genius. can't wait to see him live someday ;)

    February 2009
  • MrBenzydrine

    i just wanna wish you well! =)) such a happy, singalongable song:P love it!

    December 2008
  • dustingoffhome

    tea & sympathy is lovely, all the way thru

    December 2008
  • yearofthehorse

    I would love a 2nd album from Bernard, the first was GREAT!

    December 2008
  • pablodeoviedo

    Brutal! Mola

    November 2008
  • KimSuzz

    bob hansson

    October 2008
  • erikjan22

    Wish you well and espesially Watch over me are 2 of the best songs I've ever heard! :D

    October 2008
  • DwayneyBoi

    Get back to where u should be, back to what you really believe

    May 2008
  • punkowa77

    `Wish You Well..` & `Songbird` i love this songs. there are amazing for me. greetings from poland for all Bernard Fanning fans

    March 2008
  • TheMallowMan

    c'mon over, we have free wax. just message me and i'll rar and email you a free block of the sticky stuff Surf Vibes

    November 2007
  • neenac

    Saw Powderfinger last night - SOOO GOOD!

    October 2007
  • Tenozuma

    I prefer this to the new Finger album, very solid album. Older finger still takes the cake though. And pudding. And all other desserts you'd care to name. Favorite tracks are: Watch Over Me, Not Finished Just Yet, The Strangest Thing and Which Way Home?. Pretty much all the others are good too though. Everyone should check out Drag as well. Another finger side project and it's brilliant I say.

    August 2007
  • GuitarBassDrums

    Like to Rock? Then check out rock band Upsize.Their debut EP One Man Stereo and their debut LP West End Delicacy ... are both great. Cheers GBD

    August 2007
  • potenzo

    watch over me live is about the best balade ive ever heard. thumps up for this mad song

    July 2007
  • Ninty

    Which Way Home? is the best on the album.

    March 2007
  • UberCatfish

    what a champ

    March 2007
  • AfroDitee

    Love Further Down the Road.

    March 2007
  • kyabean

    *Pokes you in the eye*

    February 2007
  • Anaiyak

    Song Bird makes my ears bleed

    February 2007
  • schtef

    change his picture to an actual pic of him (not the album cover). click on images and go vote!

    April 2006
  • kyabean

    Bernard is amazing. :]

    March 2006
  • Dorbett

    Bernard <3!

    February 2006