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Byron T - Townsperson 1, Grendel, Party-guy, Grendel's mother, Dragon, Wiglaf, Ray Charles, piano, acoustic guitar, (a little) bass
Jeremy Van Mill - Beowulf, Party-guy, guitar
Kreg Freese - bass, Party-guy, backups
Kyle Freese - drums, congas, Party-guy, backups

All lyrics and music were written and recorded in a period of six days by four young lads. These songs were created for a project for a language arts 4 class. Half of them could have been submitted and have gotten an A, but we did the whole thing because we are that cool.

All songs are original material except music for "Georgia On My Mind" (Gorrell, Carmichael) and the instrumental to "Bang, Bang" (Dr. Dre).

For lyrics and official titles, please visit the official site at

Also, check out Byron T's solo music at

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