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  • Avatar for nelsonha
    @jayloca It's a mixture of Grace Joness and Zero 7's style.
  • Avatar for sandy613gs4624m
    Love It. :0))
  • Avatar for tylerrrrr
    will always love this song :))
  • Avatar for justfetus
    this song gives me hope for that pretty little thing we call life
  • Avatar for jayloca
    shades of Grace Jones?????????????????????????????????????????????????
  • Avatar for crisriver
    So sexy, and so evocative! Years back when I...
  • Avatar for Kowalewski_M
    great song for ending summer.
  • Avatar for MistressMag
    No matter what I'm doing, when this song comes on, I react! Love it!
  • Avatar for ljmstrike
    I hate to be a nerd, but that "I believe its magic" sample was from a mickey Smiles song. Which is famous in the Ghostbusters movie. They play it when the ghosts escape the compound and Sigorna Weaver goes slightly mental....and the sample of I beleive its magic repeats in the background.. how random is that :-)
  • Avatar for farfafarf
    I really love this song a lot.
  • Avatar for Ezekiel22
  • Avatar for keysrgood
    So glad pogopatterson put me onto this!
  • Avatar for downtempodubya
    Where's my boogie shooz?.....................................................d-_-b
  • Avatar for PetitRenee
  • Avatar for dnz81
  • Avatar for fancykatya
    I like the 9 minute version so much better! This will do, one of my top 3 dance tracks of all time~
  • Avatar for alice0672
    sehr schön, macht mir gute Laune...
  • Avatar for asdreamer
  • Avatar for galiasushi
    Nice song ;))
  • Avatar for santizo
    I dig this song
  • Avatar for RocXz
    Check my Magic Love clip: :D
  • Avatar for Wealthy1000
    Pretty good...I can dance to this!
  • Avatar for downtempodubya
    A case of modern discotheque!......................................................d-_-b
  • Avatar for pogopatterson
    Yes, I think I can definitely say this is my favourite track of all time!!!!
  • Avatar for jayloca
    LETS WALTZ ON ACID, ITS LIKE MAJIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for malifloki1
    I believe it's magic :)
  • Avatar for Bambiliana
    This song "smells" to me like ending summer...
  • Avatar for tNOBOT soulful house version, vocal mix
  • Avatar for Natelai
    Makes me wanna put my high heels on and dance!
  • Avatar for eonsago
    So good I bought the CD.
  • Avatar for jillian8
  • Avatar for kirnoss
    i like this nostalgic sound....
  • Avatar for love331
  • Avatar for blackmagic1967
    magic love for me
  • Avatar for BeatLoungeMusic
    Bent is so smooth! Love 'em!
  • Avatar for jayloca
    DRAG QUEEN MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for jayloca
    GET BENT! BITCH YOUR SO SQUARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for icaro9696
    Incredibly nice!
  • Avatar for janispencis
    one of my favorites
  • Avatar for greenavus
    Fantastic chiilout track. Listen to it at work and at the gym everday.
  • Avatar for nycowboy
    Lovin' it!!! Get's those toes tappin'!!
  • Avatar for fancykatya
    Damn do I love this song more than anything~
  • Avatar for ladycaroledowns
    Good one, thanks Norris :-)
  • Avatar for love331
  • Avatar for jerommy
    Smooth but lively, a summer-dance hit!
  • Avatar for fancykatya
    This is one extraordinary track, much love. Production is tight on this.
  • Avatar for cinnamondearie
    I want it! magic love
  • Avatar for JohnP59
    gotta "get Bent".... what the hell was that ever s'posed to mean anyway?
  • Avatar for jillian8
    Perfect track every time!
  • Avatar for vicente85
    love this track!! it warms my heart... : D


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