• Artists/Bands I've seen live - reviews, part 3

    8 Dec 2009, 17:35 by _agatka_

    Another update to my previous journals.
    Part 1 (2006)
    Part 2 (2008)

    21. Maj Party (IRA, Perfect) – Kraków, Poland 2008
    It would have been a sin not to go to any concerts during Juwenalia. That’s why I ended up, totally spontaneously, on a series of concerts featuring Skangur, Alergen, IRA and Perfect headlined by German (allegedly) nu-metal band called H-Blockx. I came to the place of concert too late to hear Alergen (not that I regret it! The lateness was 100% purposeful) and I paid no attention to the second band – Skangur – as I was too busy meeting friends, buying beer, talking and hanging out near barbecue stands to see if they have anything tasty to eat. The only thing that actually stuck in my head was that Skangur used a lot of trumpet – good for them haha. Next, IRA came on stage, so we decided it was high time to leave the ‘beer village’ and come closer to the stage. This, unfortunately, turned out to be more difficult than we expected…
  • The Present Tour

    15 Nov 2009, 11:16 by Rissan

    Sat 14 Nov – Yes


    Benoit David - Vocals
    Steve Howe - Guitar
    Chris Squire - Bas
    Oliver Wakeman - Keyboards
    Alan White - Drums

    A nice evening of Yes music I have to say. The band returned to an early eigthies way of line-up, Steve Howe, Chris Squire and Alan White, accompanied by two new members, Benoit David and Oliver Wakeman, which gave the band a change to perform tracks that hadn't been performed since Jon Anderson returned in 1982. It was great to hear them perform Tempus Fugit and Machine Messiah. The setlist wasn't well balanced, but it gave a good idea of what the band has been capable of writing over the fourty years of existance. Benoit David[/artists] sounds a lot like Jon Anderson but he is able of creating a complete different atmosphere on stage. And well what is it with the Wakeman family, it seems they're all capable of playing like pater familias Rick Wakeman. Oliver Wakeman played like he was in Yes for years, as if a young copy of his dad had returned.
  • Yes, he can! (Sound like Jon, that is!)

    17 Dec 2008, 02:46 by DudeTheMath

    Mon 15 Dec – Yes

    No opening act; who could open for them? (Although we do have a local prog band, Cryptic Vision, they're rather closer to prog metal.)

    This was the penultimate stop of the tour, and Wednesday night's show will be shorter. Ruth Eckerd Hall holds about 2100 people. It looked like all the $75 seats were full, only about half the $55, and most of the $35 seats. The crowd skewed older than me, and one couple in front of me had brought their teenaged son! The guy next to me had seen them live before--in April, 1979!

    They started off according to tradition (as I understand, having never made it to a show before), with the excerpt from Stravinsky's Firebird. Ruth Eckerd Hall has very little backstage, and all the players ended up out front long before the excerpt ended. They kind of looked at each other with that "I guess we'll wait" look.

    But as soon as that faded, they launched right into Siberian Khatru (again, following tradition).