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Fidatevi is Ben Weasel's first solo album, and is the most daring, mature and expressive musical work he has done. "Fidatevi" has two meanings: trust in oneself and trust between people. Ben's incredible brand of punk rock songwriting is this time focused into is also a personal and positive album - more introspective than anything Ben has previously done. Noting that the album was meant as a series of "Notes to Self," influenced partly by his interest in Buddhism, Ben says, "The music was inspired by whatever goes on in my head that creates tunes. The lyrics are based on experiences or insights gained by practicing secular sitting meditation, as well as ideas I came across and personalized through the study of the works of authors as diverse as Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, Henry David Thoreau, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Pema Chodron, Ralph Waldo Emerson and others." This album features the great tunes of one of punk's masters as well as lyrics which illustrate introspection and reflection. Keeping it in the extended Screeching Weasel/Lookout!/Panic Button family, Matt from Teen Idols played the drums, Dan Vapid (SCREECHING WEASEL/ SLUDGEWORTH/ MOPES /METHADONES) added guitar and bass and sang backing vocals, and Mass Giorgini produced. Fidatevi was recorded at Acme Studio in Chicago.

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