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  • Ben Folds performed this live last weekend as his final encore song, and it was just as good, if not better than the studio version.
  • Live performance is what makes this song.
  • Everytime I hear this song I want to call my father.
  • God please spare me more rejection/ cuz my peers, they criticize me/and my ex-wives all despise me.
  • Grew a mustache and mullet/ got a job at Chick-fil-a.
  • love this song
  • Personal theme song.
  • ...kinda stupid to think this now, but I used to think, Ben Folds Five.....what? dollars, fingers, knuckles, pieces of paper, what....?
  • I've so much love for this song.
  • Fuck this. Regards, USMC
  • Is this track auto-tuned?
  • Damn near perfect song.
  • Don't listen to this, while driving. It could cost a bloody fortune...
  • Ben Folds: lyrical genius. Discuss.
  • Gr8!
  • I'm convinced that this is the greatest song ever written. Ever.
  • Love the part starting at monumental.
  • wish my dad had asked me if i was fuckin high. i woulda still gone
  • come on down, you're the next contestant
  • good song.
  • haha, thank you :D did you try it? with friends?
  • @Carpeliam, you sir, are splendid.
  • I have to write this down before I forget.. the next time you're singing the sax/trumpet part at the end, put some words into it. Here's what I came up with: low part: "Banana nut... banana nut bread... banana nut bread... it is goooood." high part: "Banana nut... banana nut bread is good... banana nut bread, it is very goood!" Yeah, I do know how ridiculous this is, but if you get your friends to sing at the same time, this really can be pretty entertaining.
  • Still one of the best.
  • i find this song more deeply meaningful than i probably should.
  • I think this is my favorite song
  • Saw this live, and at the solos, he would just stop playing and have the audience sing the horns/piano parts. It was wonderful, as is this song in general. :)
  • Awesome. Song.
  • Love Ben and this is a great album. But I prefer Ben with the Five then solo. imo
  • Kick ass. I agree...this song is great live.
  • fucking the BEST live.
  • LOVE!
  • Saw Ben Folds play this live once. One audience member was drunk and yelled out something like "I love you Ben!" during the song...Without missing a beat he changed the lyric to "you've been drinking a lot today!" it was hilarious!
  • I love this song. The horns, the lyrics, the piano. Great song.
  • lmao. based on a true story
  • sledge does kill on this song and i love love love him, so awesome. i think it is "my red neck past is nipping at my heels," not pastor.
  • lovelovelove
  • Quite possibly my BF5 fave. (2)
  • think I'll get it done yesterday..... FUCK Sledge kills the bass in the song. \m/
  • best opening line to a song ever.
  • This is such a great tune!
  • top song
  • Great album. Great song, not the best on messner but a solid radio song...
  • Great, great song!
  • Definitely one of his best.
  • "Grew a moustache and a mullet. Got a job at chick-fil-a..." quality!
  • I love this is, somehow, the story of my life.
  • army! De mis preferidas siempre Que genialísima es esta canción!
  • ohh ohhh ohh ohHH! Ive been thinkin alot today
  • best band!


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