• Some of my favorite OCRemix songs

    16 Sep 2006, 10:50 by wwwwolf

    Here's some of my favorite ORCremix songs. By no means not exhaustive list, not in any proper order of greatness and... well, I'll just ramble about the rest later.

    Generally speaking, I tend to like remixes that are recognisable as game tracks, but add something nice to the mix. I don't like really great stylistic changes, but there's always exceptions - for example, I dislike the album "The Dark Side of Phobos" for being almost nothing at all like the original game soundtrack, and many of the tracks are just unrecognisable. However, I think the album is still one of the best albums in recent years, and definitely one of the best in "random background music for computer work" genre.


    Altered Beast Resurrection by Breakbeat OC ReMix: Needs recognition as the track that got me hooked to OCRemix. Probably among the first tracks I downloaded.

    Zelda 64 Pachelbel's Ganon OC ReMix: A bit unrecognisable at first, but clear enough. And this thing just has wonderful, beautiful mood. …
  • An open letter to internet musicians

    21 Aug 2006, 12:25 by PRAEst76

    Dear To-whom-it-may-concern,

    I am very greatful that you have opted to use the internet as one of your means of distribution however please please please please:


    ..and can someone please tell me why id3v2.4 is so wrong? I'm Loving It™, however so many people still seem to refuse to aknowledge anything beyond id3v1.3. I've asked the Bloke Down The Pub and he's yet to furnish me with a satisfactory answer. 2.4 has a COMPOSER tag. Why can't people use it? Why can't people making contemporary covers of old SID tunes use it? I'd like to search my amarok database for all Ben Daglish, Chris Huelsbeck or Rob Hubbard reworks but I can't. Unless I personally go through my collection of over 8 billion mp3s and add those tags manually.

    If I made music, or at least music I'd want to inflict on the global community, I'd fill in all the id3 tags... because i'm obsessive like that. you can probably tell.

  • Remixes - keep the old classics alive

    3 Mar 2006, 15:37 by Michikawa

    A few months ago I took a great dive and produced my first remixes of old-school classic tunes under my personal artist name Matti Paalanen. They are quite similar to the style I follow on my orchestral Essence project:

    Monty on the Run Highscore remix
    Delta theme remix
    Nodes of Yesod theme remix
    Spy vs. Spy theme remix is an excellent webforum dedicated to C-64 remixes and it's vast library contains basically every classic piece of computer music history in many forms and styles. It is miraculous how deep and astounding sounds the gurus of that time were able to produce with such a simple tool as SID. I remember playing Ultima IV for the first time and listening to the music with strange awe and inspiration. Games such as Spy vs. Spy, Nodes of Yesod and many others managed to create truly wonderful atmospheres and music was a very special part of their charm. Same kind of nostalgia can be found on many old nintendo games - Super Mario and Final Fantasy being the most well known ones.