• New Music Homepage

    27 May 2009, 09:17 by elcalen

    I have just opened a new homepage for my (Ben B. Bainton) music projects. The site will list works that are available, with background information, lyrics and links to downloads.

    I have made this website independent of my main homepage, BossBattle.net, in order to have this information available in a clear and concise form for anyone potentially interested in my music.

    There's no real new content yet, but I have been hoping to do something in the not-too-distant future... I won't say any more about it before I actually have something to show, though. (Which, knowing me, may be a long while yet...)
  • The Song of The Day: Ben B. Bainton - "Heart of Rock and Roll"

    18 May 2007, 16:12 by Chumani

    I once made a promise to myself to choose a song as the song of the day only once, but that was my own rule, so I am probably allowed to change it. This time, at least, I have a very good reason.

    My good friend, Ben B. Bainton has finally registered as an artist to last.fm. He also included a few of his older songs to be downloaded, among them Heart of Rock And Roll. As I have written before, it is a beautiful and nostalgic song about the power of good music: it's unchangeability and ability to stand through times. "Tomorrow came, was yesterday, the rock and roll has not passed away", sings Ben and that definetely is the truth.

    So, congratulations, Ben. :)