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Belle and Sebastian

Step Into My Office, Baby (5:27)


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  • I remember getting this song on a Rough Trade Sampler. Immediately fell in love with the band.
  • incredible & fantastic[url=http://mr-ginseng.com/goji/].[/url] no other words[url=http://mr-ginseng.com/guarana/].[/url]
  • Say, my place at 9?
  • With your quilted diamond bag
  • I love the intro so much!
  • I love Belle and Sebastians Retro-feel... strongly reminds me of 60's brit-pop :)
  • B&S is batting about .900 when it comes to listenable tunes. It's a musical batting average that only Eric Clapton, The Clash, and few others can compete with.
  • Wohaaa, Great song!
  • with an intro like that i was hooked...
  • heehee
  • This song's cute.
  • favorite belle and sebastian song, hands down.
  • WHAT a song!!!!
  • a funny ol' favorite
  • fuckin brilliant, i have not heard this tune in ages!!!
  • hey, weird - this song has just been named as the 92nd best track of the noughties! http://thedecade.wordpress.com/2009/09/23/92-belle-sebastian-%E2%80%93-step-into-my-office-baby/ surely it should be higher than that?
  • The song is so hot. Although that could be because when I listen I always picture the boss as Cuddy from House, haha. ^^
  • I'm kind of obsessed with this song! [2]
  • I'm kind of obsessed with this song!
  • i feel like i've heard on a commercial too, but i honestly never knew it was belle and sebastian.
  • Catchy!
  • Was this song used in a movie or something i really feel like i knew it from somewhere before i heard it. Does anyone know if it was used in a tv show or movie?
  • the one song that everyone recognizes yet mostly nobody knows who sings it. ha!
  • such a good song...awesome stuff :)
  • Oh, it's definitely in the chorus line of GV. As soon as the vocals come in on Office (basically, the main riff), and especially if you up the pitch of it, you'll hear the similarities.
  • what reminds you of good vibrations so much, n31785? i'd never thought of that before.
  • It's rather ridiculous that I can't stop listening to this song, as it blatantly rips off the Beach Boys's Good Vibrations lick. But that's probably the reason why.
  • yeah this is a great one.
  • <333
  • It's great. :D
  • can't get me enough flute!
  • One of my top B&S tracks. Mmm. Good. Always.
  • It's so cheeky and clever - I love it.
  • this was the first song 3 years ago that i heard of belle and sebastians, also my first fav. song of b&s. memoriesss
  • fun stuff
  • beautiful
  • my favourite belle and sebasyian song which is saying something. perfect musically, lyrically and productionally. which isn't a word but shag it.
  • whoa. i've listened once, and i can tell i'm going to loveeee this song.
  • very clever lyrics. i love this song.
  • this is HOT!

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