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  • WS9167

    and Songs For Children is great.

    last month
  • WS9167

    no, it really does sound like a proto-Lord Anthony. the melody is a bit similar, and the way he sings those first lines. anyone else think this?

    last month
  • Cheezdude

    pure beauty

    October 2012
  • vanilla_boy1


    July 2012
  • coregamer

    Belle and Sebastian on the radio, playing songs for children

    April 2012

    my song <3

    November 2011
  • wholovesthesun-

    In love with this song c:

    October 2011
  • smallambulances

    The last verse is sung to me, about me, for me.

    April 2011
  • cajanegra

    they called you king of all the hipsters , is it true or are you still the queen?

    October 2010
  • _danton_


    October 2010
  • JerryZola25

    B&S are simply perfect

    November 2009
  • radioheadfun

    simple beauty!!!!

    November 2009
  • Alpendre

    want to change something. not amazing but metaphysical

    June 2009
  • bandstarter

    oh, so very beautiful.

    April 2009
  • Alpendre

    The bonus track that includes this song in 3..6..9 seconds of light is just amazing

    February 2009

    are you happy with yourself? are you talking to yourself? are you happy with yourself? put the book back on the sheeelf

    December 2008
  • SumthinLikeThat

    Where can I get the anthology? :)

    March 2008
  • drunkatthemill

    is it true or are you still the queen? *love that line*

    February 2008
  • thejemmas

    yes zdrowcab. got it for my birthday last year. one of the best presents i think i've ever had.

    July 2007
  • ZdrowcaB

    Has anyone read the comic book anthology of the same name?

    May 2007
  • sleepy_sleepy

    that's my personal hymn

    February 2007