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  1. National Socialist Black Metal from Poland featuring members of Sunwheel, Saltus and Forgotten Past.

  2. Polish black metal band.

    The name means Hellish Deed.

  3. 2 bands under the name Leichengott:

    1- Leichengott (POL):

    Fast & raw Black Metal from Olsztyn, Poland. Formed in 2003.


    C.N.R. (Demo)…

  4. There is more than one artist with this name:

    1) Decline is a rock group formed in 1996 out of Fairfax, VA at the age of 9 they started in 3rd…

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  6. Poland's Oremus is but a recent conflagration, formed 2010, by two members of Blaze of Perdition, Popioly (Ashes) is their debut album

  7. There are multiple artists named Mord:

    1) Mord is a black metal based in Norway, formed by Polish musicians. The band was founded in 1999 by…

  8. Bloodwhip - guitar
    Nekrophiliac - vocals
    Set - drums (Carpe Noctem (Pol), Strandhogg)

    Lyrical theme(s)
    perverse, BDSM, anti-christian


  9. "Selbstmord" translates from German to "Suicide".

    There are multiple artists with name "Selbstmord":

    1.) Polish NS black metal band
    -1999 - Some…

  10. Raw black metal from Poland, with 2 EPs and LP :

    Dignity of Terror (2007)
    Demonic Possessions (2008)
    Cold Disease of Reality (2009)
    Soulless god's…

  11. Pustota is a Polish black metal band, formed in 2009. The band uses the Czechian definition of the word Pustota, meaning 'desolation' or 'bleakness',…

  12. Moontower was formed in 1995 by Belial. Moontower was originally titled Funeral Moon, but in 1996 Belial recorded a rehersal tape and decided to…

  13. There are two artists with this name.

    1. Mastiphal, a black metal band formed in Katowice, Poland (1993 - 1996, 2009 - present). They released 2…

  14. Polish black metal with members from Massemord & Furia
    Lyrical themes:
    Depression, Misanthropy, Hatred, Decadence
    XII.07 EP, 2009

  15. Black metal band formed in 2008 from Mielec, Poland. Signed to Arachnophobia records have released two albums Dzień nosy in 2010 and Nic co boskie…

  16. "Ancient Nightmarish Death Terror Metal."

    Old school death/black metal band hailing from Poland. Influenced by thousands of 80's and early 90's…

  17. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  18. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  19. In the darkest abyss of chaos where time and space are impenetrable, Black Altar came into existence. It took its earthly shape during…

  20. Strandhogg are a black metal band hailing from Poznan, Poland, formed in 2002. Contrary to somewhat over-excited description in the archives,…


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