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-Belial (Fin) started as a black/death metal band. With the loss of guitarist Jukka Valppu, the band headed in a more progressive rock/punk direction. The album "3" features material drastically different than that which appeared on the first releases, and is considered gothic rock/punk. The album''s title is also a nod to Led Zeppelin, as rather than naming the release, they dubbed it "3" since it was their third album.+Belial is a Hardcore band from Decatur, Alabama.
-Three of Belial members were involved at grunge-rock band named Autumnfire in 1994/95. These were Anttila, Kellokoski & Lehtosaari and they''ve done 1 promo-demo in 1994+Joe Canada - Bass
 +Brady Lett - Vocals
 +Alex Powell - Drums
 +Jonathan Ransom - Guitar
-The original "Gods of the Pit" demo tape sold out the entire pressing of 500 copies and gave the band cult status in the underground. This resulted in the re-release of the demo, entitled "Gods of the Pit pt.2 (Paragon So Below)". However, the re-release and the original demo are two different items, as they have different track lists, with the exception of the first two tracks.+

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There are at least 15 bands named Belial. 1. Belial is a Finnish death metal band active from 1991 to 1995. They released 2 albums, 2 EPs and 2 demos. In their earlier work they played a more traditional style of death metal with black metal influences. Later on they adopted more of a gothic rock / punk style. The band consisted of: Reima Kellokoski - Drums, Vocals Jarno Koskinen - Vocals Jarno Antilla - Guitar, Vocals Jani Lehtosaari - Guitar, Bass, Vocals Jukka Valppu - Guitar (on earlier releases) 2. Belial is a Rock/Hardcore band from Decatur, Alabama. LP, EP, and one additional song up at Cyrus Patel - Bass Brady Lett - Vocals Alex Powell - Drums Jonathan Ransom - Guitar 3. Belial is a now defunct Thrash/Death metal band from Prague, Czech Republic. They released one demo, "Astragoth" in 1992.