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    She's waiting for the night to fall Let it fall, I'll never make it in time ....
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    true love ♥
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    from my hometown!
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    Check out the Beirut Tiny Desk Concert from NPR. You tube it. It's a great small intimate performance and this song is so good in that environment.
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    Nice song!
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    <3 from Modesto
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    I used to play Beruit in the basement of houses. That's what we called Beer Pong. Beruit.
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    I want to be surrounded by his voice. ♥
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    i heart this song :)
  • Avatar for agg78041
    i heart this song :)
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    This song is simply love.
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    This song makes me light
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    The end is so good.
  • Avatar for stringbridge
    love it
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    I'm from New Mexico. This guy shows anything is possible haha
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    why did you have to go and spoil this song, markwhore
  • Avatar for Markwhore
    Skins 6x02 ♥
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    After the "March of the Zapotec/Holland EP" I was worried about the direction Beirut was taking. Let's just say I'm not anymore. [2]
  • Avatar for chronicplutonic
    yep. already in love
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    love love love
  • Avatar for Keensewer
    Love it.
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    instantly fell in love with this track
  • Avatar for sanguinebreeze
    ruined my summer already.
  • Avatar for ghaefb
    yes! sound is the color I know
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    After the "March of the Zapotec/Holland EP" I was worried about the direction Beirut was taking. Let's just say I'm not anymore.
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    This is amazing. AMAZING. (And this means that Beirut, Bon Iver, Florence + the Machine, Fleet Foxes, The Decemberists, and -maybe- Mumford & Sons will all have released a new album this year. Dear God, 2011 kicks ASS.)
  • Avatar for ohsoredundant
    love that we finally get a studio version
  • Avatar for alkalines
    i'm really looking forward the new album <3
  • Avatar for alkalines
    love at first listen [3]
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    Love at first listen. [2]
  • Avatar for jordanimal1
    love at first listen, reminds me of a girl i know.
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    hfluffo: Yes, it does mean a new album this August -,57173/
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    God exists because of music like this. I hope this means a new album is coming soon.
  • Avatar for PhilipWhite
    actually fuck it, I got over myself, I like the studio version.
  • Avatar for L-Porto
    The Studio Version of that song is amazing!
  • Avatar for PhilipWhite
    Can't believe I'm saying this.... but I actually dislike the studio version. Probably because I so loved the live version he played in 2009. I WANT A STUDIO VERSION OF THAT SONG.
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    ♥ ♥ ♥
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    i can´t stop listening to this song.
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    whoa, studio version is SO GOOD! BEIRUT IS BACK!
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    Love this.
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