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There are four artists with this name:
1. A metal band from the United Kingdom
2. A power metal band from Italy
3. A heavy metal band from Spain
4. A hardcore band from Russia

1. UK Metal band Beholder - debut album 'The Awakening' out now on worldwide release on Razorline Records

Simon Hall - Lead Vocals
Martyn Blackwell - Guitars and Vocals
Scott Taylor - Guitars and Vocals
Si Fielding - Bass and Vocals
Chris Bentley - Drums

Using the following distribution points “The Awakening” will be Available both in digital and physical formats and available worldwide.

2. An Italian power metal band with both male and female vocals, now disbanded

3. Spanish rock/heavy metal band with its best known album Espiritu del fuego (the video Lucharé hasta el fin belongs to them).

4. There is another band called Beholder and they are a heavy metallic hardcore band from Petrozavodsk, Russia.

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