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Music on this album, as of early Behemoth in general, is a True Black Metal, with pagan, slavonic and antichristian lyrics. Often relating to forests and woods…

Album “Grom” contains two tracks sung in Polish, “Lasy Pomorza” and “Grom”, which are legendary opuses for polish fans.



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  • Avatar for waarsnico
    I really liked this album.. f*ck me right?
  • Avatar for Mainstream4eva
    A lot of people seem to completely misunderstand and / or misrepresent this album. This album is almost plagued by comparison to the style of the ones that follow, which is a crucial mistake. As a stand alone, this album has the black metal aesthetic in abundance and does not disappoint. Think of it as the continuation and evolution of Sventevith and not the predecessor of Pandemonic Incantations. Comparison to the later albums does not do Grom justice.
  • Avatar for versionfiv
    this band and Nominon are the only bands I know that went from black metal early days to death metal.
  • Avatar for Tensir
    damn, i wish they had recorded something like this one again * my mistake :P
  • Avatar for Oleksandra666
    Genialny. Mój ulubiony album jeśli chodzi o całą twórczość Behemotha, mam do niego spory sentyment. Cieszę się, że mogę go posiadać na własność... simply masterpiece ;).
  • Avatar for Tensir
    Female vocals are just awfull. But the album is simply great. I wish Behemoth didn't record something like this one again. One of their best releases. If not the best.
  • Avatar for Yhavimoth
    I've owned this album for awhile now and heard it I don't know how many times. Every once and awhile I'll throw it on expecting to like it or something. I'm always quickly reminded of how terrible it truly is. Old Behemoth's absolute worst album by a pretty vast margin. The musicianship is terrible and the songs drag on and on forever with virtually no direction at all. They're a mishmash of random acoustic parts coupled with some of the most horrendously cheesy and awful female vocals I've ever heard in my entire life. Granted Nergal's vocals aren't much better either. I also feel it's necessary to point out the band's excessive use of guitar slides. For some reason they thought it would sound cool to slide into every single riff practically.
  • Avatar for Romulus666
    Best of their black metal work
  • Avatar for devastator666
    you are crazy. thats soo important fundament of them - the early pagan black metal era. for me and many others thats the best convention.
  • Avatar for DaMetulz
    I love the death metal side of Behemoth, but this black metal style doesn't work for them in my opinion.

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