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Behead The Prophet No Lord Shall Live was a band from the mid-'90s, who utilized the unbridled, apocalyptic intensity of the original "" sound, and in turn became highly influential in the scene.

Joshua Plague (Ploeg) and Jon Quittner were both members of Olympia, Washington's Mukilteo Fairies and when that band broke up around 1994, they guickly gathered together a group of musicians from Olympia, Bellingham and Seattle to form Behead The Prophet, No Lord… read more

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  • One of the best band names ever.
  • oops- I meant Vera Project in Seattle. Events are posted here and on FB
  • thought I'd pop in and mention we're playing 4 shows in March, So it's Behead the Prophet and the Need 3/21 at Northern in Olympia; 3/22 at Makeshift in Bellingham; 3/23 at Slabtown (all ages!) in Portland; 3/30 at Vera Project in Olympia. Eric from Noggin will be playing violin in Michael's place/honor. COme and make some noise!
  • I just got their record for $1.54 on ebay. People are missing out!
  • I'd like to brag: the singer gave me a copy of Behead the Prophet's full length. AND he gave me the vinyl version of a "Lords of Lightspeed" EP. Lords of Lightspeed is the project he did with the brothers from Wolves in the Throne Room. I owe him some vegan chocolate cake.
  • also, no, this isn't screamo. lul
  • @shitscud: Uh, screamo is a legitimate genre. It amazes me how people still don't know this. In the 80's, emo originated from hardcore, and then screamo originated from emo (essentially). There's more to it, but.. yeah. I don't think the label of 'screamo' for this band is meant as what the general populace calls 'screamo'. Both emo and screamo are abused terms. [artist]The Saddest Landscape[/artist], [artist]Noisy Sins of the Insect[/artist] -- very good screamo. [artist]Bells on Trike[/artist], [artist]Algernon Cadwallader[/artist] -- very good emo. People, educate yourselves. It has nothing to do with being whiny.
  • is this not powerviolence?
  • amazing stuff.
  • never ever ever ever ever ceases to punch my skull.

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