14 Mar 2010, 16:24 by TRUANTSTRUANTS
    Three out of four readers of this interview must have disco-moshed to the music the Age of Consent band members put out not too many years ago. They are two out of four men who wrote you the hymns about lovers of others, three-dimensional sex shows and Chinese martial arts, that needled your inner ADHD bambino. Why yes, we’re talking Shitdisco here! Singer and multi-instrumentalist Joe Reeves gives us a brief introduction to his and drummer Darren Cullen’s new project. One that sounds almost contrastive to the sound you were accustomed to. You can listen to three of their demos here; The Beach, Heartbreak and Truth. After one listen yourself you’ll find that the music is much more serene and emotional than their previous work, and tilt more to early new wave and post-punk music than the colossal concentration of dance-punk bands they used to be compared to since forever. …