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The Golden Age (4:39)


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  • Masterpiece.
  • Been listening to the 5.1 mix of this album, which has such an engaging and cozy mix. This opener is such a beautiful way to put it all into motion.
  • Esse álbum completo é muito fo-da.
  • truly magical
  • What a beautiful track. I agree, the beginning is magical.
  • awesome. beginning is magical.
  • Following the thoughts from below. Maybe its me, but maybe its the same chord progression as 'Can you get to that' by Funkadellic. That being said, I adore this album.
  • "Funny fact is that Lips actually covered this song after, so they don't bother of this little plagiarism." I'd see that as The Flaming Lips fully endorsing this song.
  • This song sounds really like The Flaming Lips' "Five Stop Mother Superior Rain", so I wanted to sing lyrics from it after first few seconds. Although, still a very good song. Funny fact is that Lips actually covered this song after, so they don't bother of this little plagiarism.
  • SEA CHANGE is the album Gordon Lightfoot never made, but should have.
  • Sea Change is Beck's best album.
  • Sea Change is a master work! [2] No doubt.
  • i like beck now
  • Sea Change is a master work!
  • Sea Change is the album that convinced me Beck is a genius.
  • "I don't even try"
  • Not heard Beck in a while. A nice calming track
  • <3
  • the lyrics are some of my favorite
  • Everyone's some kind of nutjob.
  • great artist, shame he's one of those Scientology nutjobs.
  • I have yet to drive at night with this song, but I'd love to. It seems to take me to another place.
  • this fabulous track grows on you
  • I will not eat this human.
  • Love
  • It's a treacherous road with a desolated view
  • I played this album in my car to a friend as we drove back from town 5 mins...we ended up sitting in the driveway and couldn't get out of the car until we heard the whole thing...I love Beck
  • Really like it, close my eyes and leave this suck-ass ball of dirt. That's great
  • I'm really going to miss shouting at all you wonderful friends when I go back to work on Monday. I reminded Bryan to keep on shouting at ya. Sorta been a mellow musical vacation. Luv Janet
  • The sun don't shine, even when it's day
  • I have to be in a pretty specific mood for this...but when I am, this really hits the spot.
  • this is just plain fantastic
  • :(
  • very interesting.
  • Amazing song. If you love it, check out Grant Lee Phillips' 'See America' for similar sonic brilliance.
  • BIG love for this tune...awesome...♥
  • lets talk about brian's baby... oh goodie i get to play with a Baby!!
  • Wow...
  • Good song
  • its a musical dream of a romantic america
  • What a tune...makes me want to sit by a campfire and drink whiskey
  • love this song
  • Golden Years at 3 am... Makes all the sense in the world...
  • me neither
  • bryantee, I was just about to say that myself. Props to you, sir.
  • Sounds a lot like Wild West End.
  • perfect for my day. with everything crazy going on around me even, this is how i feel, maybe a little disconnected but I'm happy
  • Beck is amazing in a club, with a nice drink in your hand, and your unemployement check in the other


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