• The Loser CD Single

    24 Jan 2006, 03:02 by gnarlyhotep

    If you haven't heard this one, check it out immediately if not sooner. Two tracks are real stand-outs: Fume and Soul Suckin' Jerk. The latter, as you no doubt will recognize, was on Mellow Gold; however, this version puts a whole new spin on the universe for that track. One major difference is that the first two verses are swapped (i.e. this one starts out "Standin' right here with a beer in my hand and my mouth is full of sand and I don't understand...").
    Fume is one that never made the radio (not surprisingly), but nevertheless is as jump-up-and-down fun as Beck's best.
    Alcohol was a bit disappointing to me, but then I've never been much of a downers fan.
    My favorite track is Corvette Bummer. There's something about that insane guitar/keyboard loop plus the patented Beck funky-ass beat that just makes it roll. Not to mention the lyrics: "gonna walk around this town with a can of whiskey".
    Beck fans take note: you want to hear this stuff as quickly as possible.