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  • Avatar for norcalternative
    Agreed, sober. New album finally made it out, and as you say there is really not too much new here, although the songs "I'm Lonely" and "In the Name of Revenge" are great. Bree's fantastic and I really wish she would get the desire to big a big star because the world really needs to hear her unique voice.
  • Avatar for sober-
    @norcalternative I totally agree with you. Paper Planes got a little hype on spotify back when it was released, and instead of taking the opportunity, they waited about 2 years to release the new album/ep... And the worst part of that? Apart from Bring Out Your Dead (which is also an old project, it was probably recorded years ago) and I'm Lonely, all the songs had already been released through myspace, it wasn't that hard to record one song and release it straight after the single. I can understand if Bree doesn't wanna be a big, successful artist, but if it wasn't for the leak, we'd be waiting for forever for something that is barely new and that's very frustrating :|
  • Avatar for norcalternative
    So...did they ever release the new album? Not available on Amazon, iTunes, their web site, etc. No mention of it on their FB page, their web site only shows the older stuff. Love Bree and this band, but their marketing is deplorable.
  • Avatar for sober-
    Can't wait for The DJ Stayed Home
  • Avatar for Wheezz
    Met Bree 'cause Pokémon's 7 song, This Side Of Paradise and I feel in love with her voice. I find it so cute. </3 I really liked The Robots In Love EP. Looking forward for something new.
  • Avatar for sober-
    New song
  • Avatar for sober- Paper Planes music video
  • Avatar for sober-
    New single "Paper Planes" to be released on February 14th. It already leaked though
  • Avatar for sober-
    Bree needs donations for the band's new projects! (new originals EP, covers EP and upcoming video)
  • Avatar for silencegolden
    I'm looking forward to a full album! [4]
  • Avatar for ultimate-
    I'm looking forward to a full album! [3]
  • Avatar for sober-
    I'm looking forward to a full album! [2] Bree said on facebook something about a project called "Bring Out Your Dead" don't know if it's a song, an album or maybe nothing related to music but I really hope it's an album :)
  • Avatar for joely84
    I'm looking forward to a full album!
  • Avatar for Sylver1984
    Robots in Love!
  • Avatar for Tijnisch
    Can't wait for more <3
  • Avatar for Beatbetrieb
    ♥. Just ♥.
  • Avatar for LekuBauer
    We are only robots in love!
  • Avatar for unlyaaa
    отличная группа ,)
  • Avatar for djnonplus
    EP's not bad, there's potential there, but they have some refining to do.
  • Avatar for anbarison
    i luv their songs
  • Avatar for brusivalo
    makes me wanna dance! good music!
  • Avatar for serger16
    thursday at webster. bree, thanks for signing. you guys are awesome.
  • Avatar for DigitalLove42
    Win in musical form
  • Avatar for timiaz
    Great Tunes!
  • Avatar for sober-, join please :D
  • Avatar for kelsey_jr
    неплохо) nice
  • Avatar for seducedbylight
    happy perk up tunes.
  • Avatar for DeneerLavigne
    I’m not feeling well But I’ll sit real still If you don’t tell. <33333333
  • Avatar for Aesiron
    So good.
  • Avatar for disillusionment
    Free leech!
  • Avatar for Marshallmaddnes
    very nice ep
  • Avatar for sh4rk_
    neeeed moaaaaaar
  • Avatar for kourinthellama
    Oh man, they are good. Waiting for more from these two!
  • Avatar for drinktilludrop
    Love the EP, really amazing. A few of the best songs I have heard it a long time.
  • Avatar for metal4427
    She is beautiful
  • Avatar for xtran
    Really... bad
  • Avatar for Abesamis
    'Counting Back to 1' is my favorite
  • Avatar for kiwi989
    Very cool Ep, I like :)
  • Avatar for No3pencil
    I take that back.... I heard "Counting Back to 1" before the rest of the EP
  • Avatar for No3pencil
  • Avatar for Czepek12
    oh well time to record debiut album and make amazing concerts :))
  • Avatar for MisterLavigne
    Very Cool (>3
  • Avatar for JulianeJuly
    I'm in love for Beautiful Small Machines <3
  • Avatar for JulianeJuly
    really cool!!! =)

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