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  • Avatar for Rakoontay
    If this group would perform live at a Desert Dwellers show, that would be killer awesome!!!!
  • Avatar for Fabula-Nihil
  • Avatar for jessyrocker
    Just Great
  • Avatar for jessyrocker
  • Avatar for PsychoactiveX
    a different world
  • Avatar for koazey
    tribal fusion
  • Avatar for 303factory
    I always eat my veggies
  • Avatar for P0rc3lainTr4m9
    any connections to: ?
  • Avatar for Goodearl
    A new fav band!!! Thanks S for introducing me!!!! Anyone wanna hop a train with me down to Nola to catch them on March 21???
  • Avatar for RosieLarkin23
    "A Thousand Faces: Act 1" review -
  • Avatar for Batmiles
    Ha ha haters, dubstep all over Thousand Faces--not shrieky transformorgy brostep but old school, real dubstep
  • Avatar for appidydafoo
    If you EVER get a remote CHANCE to see Beats Antique LIVE, do whatever it takes to get there ~ they will take care of the rest ❤
  • Avatar for SaltComplex
    I had an interview with Beats Antique's Zoe Jakes recently on the monomyth and the art of robots amongst other things. Thought fans of the band might appreciate the article:
  • Avatar for Neon_Spadezzz
    Their music is cosmic and takes me to an Egyptian dance party.
  • Avatar for masanyaK
    Come to Toronto!!!!!! PLEASE
  • Avatar for Hullabaloolaloo
    This band takes my soul to some sort of gypsy circus dance party. I enjoy my time here.
  • Avatar for rsmithing
    These guys are the real deal. I've seen them twice live in one year with different musical configurations and they make it all happen onstage by actually playing instruments. Not to mention a fine light show and intriguing dancing to get the crowd pumped. Absolutely great band.
  • Avatar for antonoowka
    There's no better music for sex, srsly.
  • Avatar for i_love_amber
    i am addicted..... ................................ hhhhhhhhhhhhh ..
  • Avatar for Z_mastermind
    Thanks for bringing in 2013 in the best way possible. - Love, Seattle.
  • Avatar for avantlesbian
    r these people serious
  • Avatar for zapatosgrandes
    saw them two nights ago. Zoe blew me a kiss ;)
  • Avatar for MusicIsKeji
    interesting, i shall check em out
  • Avatar for peaceloveherm
    [url=]Peace, love, alien dinosaur conspiracy.[/url]
  • Avatar for PatrickSaad
    Waiting for a Beats Antique World Tour.
  • Avatar for CombustionMan1
    Come to Australia!
  • Avatar for jcpack89
  • Avatar for Truskawkowo0
    ZOE, C O M E - T O - E U R O P E !!!!!!! Pleasepleasepleaseplease
  • Avatar for m_tahir21
    HI, Visit my Youtube channels regarding, Arabic Instrumental &
  • Avatar for InplosiveIvory
    [url=]Cat Skillz REMIXES[/url]
  • Avatar for jcpack89
  • Avatar for hi_im_mai
    phenomenal show! i danced non-stop!
  • Avatar for intanfitrianti
    streaming now, you guys areee greaat!!
  • Avatar for BtBaM27
    gahhhhhhhhhhhh so fucking amazing live
  • Avatar for PolishPatrol
    well tonight I saw them play a banjo with a drumstick so who knows what they'll come up with in a month
  • Avatar for Thrica
    What instruments to they play live? They're coming nearby next month, but I don't want to go if it's just a bellydancer and some guys on a Macbook.
  • Avatar for zamaxi
    Come to Europe!
  • Avatar for appidydafoo
    ❤ I have the biggest crush on Zoe Jakes, squeeeeee ❤
  • Avatar for InplosiveIvory
    My newest love...
  • Avatar for PatrickSaad
    Loved the band, best of luck!
  • Avatar for 6iovanni
    I saw Beatz last year all by myself at Electric Forest, and while my crew was recovering I watched their performance and had my mind blown. My exhausted body picked itself up from the nice picnic I made and I just danced the entire thing through. Beats and Shpongle defined 2011.
  • Avatar for karyfenty
    I like this!!
  • Avatar for Neshama_Sheli
  • Avatar for Radik-gadik
    Прилип с первого прослушивания, спасибо за это.
  • Avatar for spiggs13
    can't wait to see you in tallahassee!!!!
  • Avatar for Tote-n
    ах... ах... Еще бы в Россию приехали...
  • Avatar for hellofattempt
  • Avatar for phantom0589
    damn it. i missed them in LA. never going to forgive myself unless i see them
  • Avatar for masanyaK
    Come to Toronto!!!!!! P L E A S E


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