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  • Avatar for Rezzo64
    I Don't Know is fantastic though!
  • Avatar for kenikki
    Well, mostly... the slow tracks kind of blow.
  • Avatar for kenikki
    My first try of Beastie Boys. Well, color me impressed :)
  • Avatar for atticus_B
    Side D is horrible to be honest. The rest is delicious. Especially the first few songs.
  • Avatar for Rezzo64
    Conidering this album doesn't use anywhere near as much sampling as the albums before it, I think it's absolutely fantastic. I wish towards the end of the album there wasn't a bunch of slow tracks just slapped on the end however.
  • Avatar for Spoike
    Not entirely sure why this doesn't get the same sort of acclaim as Paul's Boutique? It's not a landmark album in the same respect, but I think they're the most similar in style and... audacity? I think this is the Beasties' Sandinista. A LOT of songs, a couple of which are instant classics / hits, and a lot of hidden gems and songs which grow on you over time. Love it.
  • Avatar for substancex
    This album is mindblowingly good. It's impossible to stay in a bad mood after putting it on. They sorta fell off after this one, but every record they put out was still good. Everyone gets into an artistic slump eventually for one reason or another. For a band that was together as long as they were, their last couple albums were great.
  • Avatar for lyle_catcliffe
    The perfect album to strut to.
  • Avatar for PartySanCTG
    Definitely the last great Beasties album.
  • Avatar for musicgodlything
    A lot more.
  • Avatar for musicgodlything
    Monumental album. As much as I hate to say it, it's even better than Paul's Boutique. It has a bit more punch , while Paul's has more groove.
  • Avatar for glassjimmy
    Let's call it a better London Calling, there are just so many awesome elements on this album. The instrumentals keep me coming back.
  • Avatar for jdotperiod
    Best Beastie Boys album? C'mon guys, it's underappreciated (critics shitted on it upon its release) but it's not their best. Great instrumental and non-rap tracks though. That's where they really shined IMO.
  • Avatar for Foggster
    the masters of whacky beats @ work
  • Avatar for OrkoOnDoomsday
    So good.
  • Avatar for Dragonrus
    As everybody said before: For now it's the best BB album. "The Negotiation Limerick File" is a masterpiece, reminds me of Pharcyde "Drop".
  • Avatar for MrCheM
    Yeahhh the best album :D
  • Avatar for R2D2undC3PO
    "Hello Nasty" is the best Beastie Boys album!!!
  • Avatar for agathax1
    I bought this cd for about $1 in a second hand shop a few days ago... damn, well spent money.
  • Avatar for RickStroke
    Beastie Boys is AWEASOME !
  • Avatar for srmtpp
    my first CD :)
  • Avatar for R0b0hobo
    I use to skip half the album was I was younger but now I find myself listening to the quirkier songs more
  • Avatar for vododohova
    Its great!!!!
  • Avatar for kerriesmith
    Check this out! - The Death Set
  • Avatar for diefen
    Damn! It's great to listen to this album again... and again... and again. :-) Probably the best rap album ever made! And yes, i love both instrumentals. :-)
  • Avatar for optimistic_tour
    yeah this album is probably my favorite Beastie production-wise. thus the instrumentals (both those 2 songs and the rest of the non-vocal work) is fucking impeccable.
  • Avatar for SunlessDawn
    @fordmarkII Are you serious? Both are fantastic instrumentals!
  • Avatar for drthatguy
    hope you're joking about skipping those tracks...
  • Avatar for nintendoguydsi
    i think this is a great album
  • Avatar for Porgeface
    What he said, probly possibly maybe my favorite album ever?
  • Avatar for fordmarkII
    Sneakin' Out The Hospital and Song For Junior are definitely skippable being instrumentals and all.
  • Avatar for pc-jockey
  • Avatar for rba215
    i think it's funny how it says on here that intergalactic has no listeners, yet it's the beastie boys top track. Amazing what a little "(edit)" will do.
  • Avatar for Alec_Trevelyan
    You listen to Pink and Mika. Don't express about your views on this amazing album. Your opinion is invalid.
  • Avatar for FreeMHZ
  • Avatar for PartySanCTG
    marbley: that's the song's title on European releases. Its title in the USA is "The Grasshopper Unit".
  • Avatar for RoFen
    the best.
  • Avatar for jukapeka
  • Avatar for Vergiss
    It's a freakin' great album, such diverse and fresh. Long live Beastie!!!
  • Avatar for pacukusvisaedus
    I can't put in words the perfectness of this album... With this on I can get stuck in an elevator :) and marbley, "can't won't don't stop" has a different name in Europe. The name of the track is "The Grasshopper Unit".
  • Avatar for IceCube91
  • Avatar for RocketV
    I could listen to this album all day. Haha I even fucked to it once. The Move is the best!!!!
  • Avatar for steeveep
    Best hip-hop album of all time.............
  • Avatar for courtofmiracles
  • Avatar for JonnyRam
    This album was released in '98, not '04. No idea why the site says otherwise - was there a re-release?
  • Avatar for rupicapraa
  • Avatar for ffxi_frohike
    Same here. The entire album is just brilliant.
  • Avatar for trosa
    love it all, Paul Rivere, Brass Monkey, SABTOGE!!! Awesome!
  • Avatar for sneaky424
    I bought it on its release date: Tuesday, July 14, 1998. Don't ask me how or why I remember that.
  • Avatar for Terrasidius


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