15 Dec 2011, 18:08 by no_conclusion

    Zambri is a duo comprised of twin sisters Cristi Jo and Jessica Zambri. We already mentioned their recent Glossolalia EP, out now on Kanine Records. Just a few hours ago Stereogum premiered their beautiful new video for ‘To Keep Back’, directed by Meringuemeringue. And now we give you a very special mix by Zambri! Sweet, but slightly weird. Just like their music.
    This is what Cristi Jo told us about the mix: “I find this mix really nice to listen to alone, but it’s also really friendly. Consider passing around (sharing) your favorite drink. You might have a light, but very important night. Choose the right people, and if you close your eyes, make sure your friend’s eyes are open just in case of something extraordinary. Put on a sweater; get a breeze going. It’s possible you, too, enjoy cross ventilation. You’ll feel alive, I hope.” Feel alive:

    NC GUEST MIX#44: Zambri

    01. GoblinSchool at Night (Lullaby Echo Version)
    02. Spacemen 3Just to See You Smile