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    I rate Bring the Light
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  • Avatar for Po0ki3
    Beady eye's first track "Bring The Light" : got it! ^^
  • Avatar for mannaz83
    baby hold on... Baby c'moooon...
  • Avatar for 52million
    FUUUUU server problems! fml </3
  • Avatar for sephitot
    only 24 minutes......
  • Avatar for Eric89
  • Avatar for Rammsfer
    Come ooooooooooooooooooooon
  • Avatar for ftokumoto
    tomorrow gonna be the day :D
  • Avatar for Hawkdaddyfoolz
    I like that people are tagging them before they have even officially released anything.
  • Avatar for vitor_lol
  • Avatar for darki94
    Awesome! Looking forward to it. I have some pretty high expectations of Beady Eye. xD
  • Avatar for DonPinguin
    yeah, didn't expect that too! :O But great, I'm looking forward to it! ;)
  • Avatar for BastarDaughter
    tomorrow!! wow that was unexpected!!
  • Avatar for madsupersonic
    kd o single?
  • Avatar for william_0191
    This is gonna be epic!
  • Avatar for BastarDaughter
    i can't wait!!!
  • Avatar for auron1939
    I'm so anxious for that!!
  • Avatar for Pinkerton-
    Teaser :
  • Avatar for kula_nova
    I'm so looking forward to the new material....I hope it will not disappoint...
  • Avatar for Eraldor
    liam's got 2 days left for single release(
  • Avatar for BastarDaughter
    hello? does anyone read what someone said a long time ago? scratch isn't a beady eye song, its real name it's too cool for school, it's a song from other band whose name i don't remember btw, Where's the October single?[2]
  • Avatar for bestwick8
    can someone send the link for scratch! Please and thanks!
  • Avatar for a1tach
    TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL???? WTF? sounds like blink182 lyrics XD
  • Avatar for LightsOfBohemia
    As long as it's better than Richard Ashcroft's new shitty solo project, I'm happy with it.
  • Avatar for BritAlternative
    Hey guys - im new to this site - can someone tell me how to actually listen to stuff?????
  • Avatar for caught_777
    Scratch is good but not great!
  • Avatar for Eric89
    Where's the October single?
  • Avatar for Hellraiser917
    When are this lot gonnae release some toons.
  • Avatar for rhcqpotsa
    Is this "Scratch" song real? If so, can someone send it to me? Thank you.
  • Avatar for freakfire_99
    Have just sent you a link, jcursiolf
  • Avatar for BastarDaughter
    (and Liam wouldn't have done much either)
  • Avatar for BastarDaughter
    ah, i forgot to point out one thing: Noel's got the words, but he wouldn't have done much by his own, Liam got the look, the voice, and that's a thing nobody can fight
  • Avatar for BastarDaughter
    @vprakhov yes, i know that Noel is one of the best songwriters and i am sure that he will be way more successful than Liam with his own career, but that doesn't make Liam's efforts insignificant, i also know that Liam's voice was at its peak during the 90s, but he's recovering it little by little (it's a shame that it won't ever be the same again), he knows it and he's trying hard, and i do really value that. I feel confident about Beady Eye's album, because i trust Liam, i know i may sound like a stupid fangirl, but i'm not, both Noel and Liam are big icons to me
  • Avatar for Hawkdaddyfoolz
    Similar artists = lol
  • Avatar for LightsOfBohemia
    Liam will never be as talented as a songwriter as Noel, but he has taste and he knows good music. This band will do fine. And his voice doesn't sound THAT bad these days. Sure, years of taking drugs and abusing alcohol are catching up with him, but not all hope is lost.
  • Avatar for souldigger1
    I'm anxious to hear the new stuff, I'm hoping they have some radio friendly material...the boys deserve some respect in north america, something Oasis lacked.
  • Avatar for vprakhov
    BastarDaughter, Noel has a good voice, but Liam hasn't. He used to have a great voice, but he's losing it rapidly. Now he sounds not so good on studio versions and VERY AWFUL live. I agree that Noel has the same nature as Liam, but bloody hell, he is the best songwriter of the decade. I am sure, he could be famous without Liam, maybe not so legendary, but famous. What could Liam do without Noel in the beginnig of the 90-s? Sing everyday in the creepy Manchester club and get drunk? Liam - rocknrolla, Noel - MUSICIAN. I'll go for the musician.
  • Avatar for MorningGlory94
    Ухахахаха, песня понравилась, но... Такая лажа вышла XDD Скачала fountains of wayne... И правда... Боже, ну что ж этим поклонникам не сидится-то? о_О Ну не выпустили ещё песню, так что ж переполох устраивать? Только с толку народ сбили :D
  • Avatar for BastarDaughter
    i can't understand that hatred towards liam because both liam and noel are almost the same, they always say whatever they want to, they do whatever they want without minding what others would say, oasis without noel is nothing but oasis without liam is nothing too, noel's got a great and beautiful voice but it simply doesn't suit in some songs and that happens with liam's too, if you have ever liked oasis or have called yourself a "mad fer it", please, stop disrespecting liam or noel and support their separated careers
  • Avatar for vprakhov
    Andy and Gem should work with Noel, not with his stupid brother.
  • Avatar for vasyathriller
    WTF is these charts
  • Avatar for claricecb
  • Avatar for suzanebelle
    aaaaah quero ouvir :) .
  • Avatar for jrox05
    As much as you may doubt Liam, he's a lot more credible than you think. I went in his Pretty Green shop on Carnaby Street, if the album holds half as much creativity and art as he has put into decorating the shop for a temporary basis, everything will be ok. If Oasis come back I know it won't ever be the same and I treasure every memory since they found their way into the conciousness around Standing On The Shoulder of Giants, sadly I was a little too young for the britpop era, although Wonderwall has always lived in my mind, and when I started listening fully I knew most of the words, incredible band. Live Forever.
  • Avatar for evanmorg
    The album is going to be immense.
  • Avatar for kardaum
    Can't wait to hear their stuff. [2]
  • Avatar for william_0191
    @Andr3a89 ,, This isn't Oasis man.
  • Avatar for Andr3a89
    Oasis without Noel = epic fail


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