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  1. FLS are now playing under the name Forever Losing Sleep. Please update your tags.

  2. A Brighter Life is a 5-piece pop punk band from Columbia, South Carolina. This band has released three EPs to date, the latest being "Move On &…

  3. RIP

    Coming Clean was a five-piece punk band from New Jersey. They Have 3 EPs-

    Trying (2011)
    Drive Safe (2012)
    Sing Loud (2012)

  4. Members:
    Duo Glover- Vocals
    Joel Vi Brittania- Vocals
    Kevin Nhan- Guitar
    Bari Goulbourne- Bass
    Nelson Ticas- Drums

    Washington, DC
    Record Label:…

  5. Casting Call was a Pop Punk band hailing from New Haven, CT. Starting in December of 2009 and after various line-up changes, Matthew LaPerche,…

  6. Just a few friends writing music together.

    Official Website

    Management: Eric Stone

  7. Sell Your Sky are an independent band from Chippenham ,near Bath. They infuse hardcore, pop-punk melodies and metal edge to their music to…

  8. Pop Punk band from Watertown, New York.
    Josh - Vocals/Guitar
    Leo - Bass/Vocals
    Dave - Drums
    Influences- Politics and Corruption in the…

  9. Signed to Eulogy Records straight from their debut release, The Tired and True is not a band to sleep on! Their lyrics are easily related to,…

  10. Three piece pop punk band formed in the Back Bay area of Boston, Massachusetts in April 2012. Influenced by Saves The Day, Brand New & The Get…


    Hailing from the City Of Destiny -Tacoma, Washington- Nothing To Prove are here to bring the party. While not all of the…

  12. Pop-punk from Olympia, WA Download their EP "Indian Summer":

  13. Pop punk band from Gloggnitz, Austria. Active from 2007 to 2013.

    Current members:
    Patrick Edlinger - Drums
    Michael Hanser - Vocals, Guitar

  14. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  15. Fire Away is a five piece pop punk band from Burlington, ON.

    Current Members:
    Steve Creaturo
    Michael Kelly
    Christopher Casarin
    David Carvalho…

  16. The Boys After is a pop punk band from Vacaville, California.

    New album 'All I Used To Know' (engineered, produced, mixed by Sam Pura at The Panda…

  17. Hailing from Minnesota’s Twin Cities, Our Life Story is a group of five hardworking individuals with a DIY mindset. Within a year of being a band,…

  18. Pop Punk (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)

    What's up WE WERE SHARKS!
    Follow us on twitter:

    Terrence McAuley, Guitar
    Graham Finnigan, Guitar…

  19. Five Detroit boys with abandonment issues playing pop-punk.
    "You don't have to prove yourself to anyone but yourself." I Hope This Helps - New EP…


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