• in my pants~~

    27 May 2008, 04:13 by yumestation

    1. Put your music player of choice on shuffle, and then write down the 30 songs that come up and at the end of each title add 'In My Pants'.
    2. Bold the ones that work the best.
    3. Laugh hysterically.
    4. Pass it on.

    1. Animal in my pants.
    heh. this is fun.

    2. 首吊りロンド ~ hanging rondo in my pants.
    I donno what rondo translates to.

    3. Gummitwist in my pants
    This song title is already odd.

    4. ~ song in my pants.

    5. Take Me Anywhere in my pants.

    6. 风琴 in my pants
    I donno Chinese, ~ koto ?

    7. GET UP ! in my pants.
    this one is lulz

    8. 徒夢 ~ trivial dreams in my pants.
    I donno the translation for 'ada'

    9. Untitled in my pants.
    That sucked.

    10. サイクロン ~ cyclone in my pants.

    11. 心のカタチ ~ spiritual shape in my pants.
    I suck, but this is funny.

    12. Christine in my pants.
    This would not be funny if not for my best friend. ティナ!! :0

    13. 枯れた花 ~ withering flower in my pants

    14. The Workout in my pants.