• NWOBHM Band of the Week (16th December 2008): Persian Risk

    16 Dec 2008, 19:16 by GrantRS

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    The project to research and evaluate all the 'forgotten' bands continues with Persian Risk. (If you already know this band, feel free to skip reading this week, but I promise you it'll be shorter than last week.)

    This one chosen slightly less randomly than last week, I remembered seeing the name somewhere before specifically with the letters "ex-" in front of it and brackets around it, but couldn't remember who I'd seen that in relation to. A quick glance at the band's original line-up immediately throws up two candidates who I'm sure I've read about before.

    Original line-up:
    Vocals: John Deverill (would go on to Tygers of Pan Tang)
    Guitars: Phil Campbell (would go on to Motorhead)
    Guitars: Dave Bell
    Bass: Nick Hughes (would go on to Idol Rich)
    Drums: "Razz"

    Originating from Wales in '79, the band didn't last long enough with this line-up to get anything officially released. …