• My Favourite New Finds

    3 May 2008, 15:15 by kelnage

    Just a quick list of bands I've recently discovered and really liked:

    1. Portishead. Okay, yeah, I said new in the title but then put a band that's been around since 1991. I somehow missed these guys first time around, but bought their self-titled album from recently and love it. Looking forward to hearing more of their stuff - especially Third.
    2. Yeasayer. Saw them on Jules Holland recently and whilst I wasn't that impressed with their live performance, I still grabbed their album, All Hour Cymbals, and I'm glad I did.
    3. Batphone. Grabbed his remixes of tracks from the Legend of Zelda today from eMusic and I'm impressed. I've always loved the Zelda games and the remixes do them justice, I think, YMMV.
    4. Thirteen Senses. Bought The Invitation from very recently - I heard them ages ago, but somehow never got around to buying their album. Now that I have, I see I should have done so earlier.
    5. Tsuneo Imahori. Got his first soundtrack to Trigun a couple of weeks back and absolutely love it. …