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  • Join in !?[url=http://www.last.fm/group/DILLIGAF]DILLIGAF[/url]?!
  • www.soul4sale.com ...check this out!! YO!!
  • shmoke bubbles!
  • Run 4 Covaaaa
  • still great!
  • The Inro to Crazy Itch Radio is Highly amusing =D
  • love the new album
  • i love take me back to your house
  • Omg, the new album is so great. I take back my last post. :)
  • great to see 'Red Alert' as their #1 track :D
  • I'm just listening to the album now. I must say from what I've heard it is fantastic.
  • I've just listened to the new album, and I must say, it isn't as great as I hoped for. The new single kicks ass though.
  • I more of a Plug It In kinda guy...
  • where's your head at is ok. not as good as get me off or do your thing though.
  • no. you think you're funny? :)
  • why is wheres your head at so high? doesn't anyone else think it's shit and annoying?
  • J'adoreeeee! @w@
  • Go Bingo Bango!
  • one of the few commercial artists I like. Awesome experimental stuff. Bring us some more 'Where's Your Head At' like stuff ^^
  • Yay, a truly unique band with a unique sound. Keep making albums!


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