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A Horse Called Golgotha (5:21)


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  • DAT INTRO [5]
  • Goddamn amazin
  • DAT INTRO [4]
  • Dat riff...
  • such a cool fucking song
  • Holy shit.
  • This song is so powerful and so inspiring. Absolutely love it!
  • DAT INTRO [3]
  • aaahh such perfection.
  • golgotha was a place outside Jerusalem's walls where Jesus was crucified
  • Can someone explains to me what this song is about?
  • So damn good.
  • mindfucking solo!
  • I don't think Baroness will ever top the first 80 seconds or so of this tune. That's not to say I don't want them to try
  • Your mom tugs you at night?
  • I want that solo to be my mum...so smooth and gentle tugging me in at night sending me off to lands with flashy rainbows and cannibal unicorns of death
  • DAT INTRO [2]
  • My favorite Baroness tune, love all the harmonies in the guitars and vocals, awesome drums and bass, such a feel good chorus
  • The solo is fucking perfect! Love that it has such raunchiness in the high end, but is still fat. [2] Just like my ass
  • Yay, I'm from Savannah! =D
  • <3
  • super!
  • Adore this song
  • @Nate999 could be both lol
  • great song!!!
  • Yeah!
  • The solo is fucking perfect! Love that it has such raunchiness in the high end, but is still fat.
  • Were they high when they mixed the solo? Other than that, pretty much a perfect song.
  • Yeah.
  • Fuck yeah, I love this song!!!!!
  • Dam daam, dem dam, deeem dam , don dann! Goil!
  • I love everything about this.
  • Ridiculously catchy
  • The drumming in this song is the greatest thing I've ever heard.
  • I don't know why I haven't loved this track yet, it's one of my all-time favorites of any artist.
  • Mastodon, Kylesa, and now Baroness. All I need is to have Black Tusk come on next and my day is made.
  • Amazing chorus.
  • Amazing
  • Love the intro
  • Those drums are just so fantastic.
  • Fucking majestic.
  • I can say without hyperbole that this is the absolute grand crowning achievement of the human race to date. Or maybe I'm just high. Or both.
  • loved the vocals the first time i heard it. And the video is so psychedelic
  • vocals beat this song down... but I still like it
  • The instrumentation is exceptional, but I don't like the vocal style... at least not at first listen.
  • This is a killer fucking song. I have been listening to this song the most since I got this album. Whole album is killer
  • I think I've found my new favourite!
  • They deserve to tour with Metallica.


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