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    Howdy Josh, if you're reading this. I really didn't want to believe it was true but after reading through the comments on here and online and finding a lot of "your" music on royalty free sites ( well, the nicest thing I can say is you owe me £10 dude. So very sad. I thought you were so talented. Maybe we could turn this page into a source for matching BCB's tracks to their real artists and then ask Last FM to delete it.
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    It's sad how I don't know to whom to attribute the wonderful emotion I feel when I listen to these compositions. Any enjoyment I get is kind of hollow. It would be great if the community could together identify the original composers, but that's an exceptionally difficult task. I'm not sure if the Bark Cat Bark story is a tragedy...or just a farce.
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    I spoke to someone who uploaded one of his pictures She said she was just a friend of him and that Josh Todd was just a good friend with no real music abilities. This music was made by musicians without a record company and put their music on the internet for free. Josh downloaded the songs and renamed them. I wish I could know who made the real songs! At least we can say one thing Josh Todd has some taste for music and that's all !
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    париж ,ялюблютебя
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    Does anyone know where to find Bark Cat Bark's discography? I can't seem to find a main webpage and the links I've found to his work are almost all missing tracks or contain corrupted files (including the ones in the artist bio above). I did come across a bandcamp for Sonic Reverie records but they only had Mathilde available. Anyone know where I can get more?
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    Интересная музыка.
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    the whole "thief" thing was complete fallacy, some pirated an account, put his name on a song that wasn't his, he got blamed big mix up!... getting to my point.. if anyone knows him or knows where he is at the moment please let me, its hugely important. thanks - you can get me on
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    someone please explain the music thief shizz? :|
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    oh, please, don't allow me to analyze those tags anymore. I'd gladly listen to that.
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    I don't get it. Sonic Reverie Records is just a record label that released BCB's (?) album.
  • Avatar for Madrangue composed the Mathilde album. Not Josh Todd. And he's not French, either.
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    Music thief huh? How sad.
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    Maravilloso *-*
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    bazen çerkez falan olduğunu düşünüyorum amk.
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    i'd really like to track down the composers of the original tunes here, whoever they might be. it's sad.
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    check :
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    The lastfm stream for this track doesn't seem to play properly(UK) :
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    The lastfm stream for this track doesn't seem to play properly(UK) :
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    what happened to him? why he stop play music??
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    Aucune actualité de Bark Cat Bark? Dur de trouver des infos....
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    I believe Josh was also I Am X Ray - an old name that he released a popular song under. It wasn't performed by him, either. Guy is pretty low.
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    The true composers of Coffre-fort [] [2]
  • Avatar for mon21
    his songs tell stories ya know?
  • Avatar for waydowntheroad
    Crap. I loved some of his music before today. Boo music thievery. Booooooooo.
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    I can't quite trust these accusing little internet stories (talking about Knox Road...) but hey, you may be right. I liked the album Mathilde but I don't really care for him, and I'm not gonna blindly defend him either.
  • Avatar for stretts
    but he stole the music from other people? and then released it as his own. Pretty douchey if you ask me
  • Avatar for theresawayout
    Of course he's not completely original. La Fontaine Molière for all I care is like a variation on Yann Tiersen's L'horloge. but I like his musical taste. his choice of style, instruments, etc. and the fact that he's (or was) trying to make something (and released them for FREE, mind you), unlike some of the bums who think they can sit back in front of their monitors and comment BS on his works.
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    bossanovezcos es una palabra que flipas
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    The true composers of Coffre-fort []
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    hypnotizing music
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    музыка шкатулок, игрушечных вальсов и узких провинциальных улочек.
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    beautiful <3
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    thanks for this music
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    I love this man
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    Iceland is magic!
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    i'm going to try and work in in movies and when i produce/direct/write a hollywood movie you are the first person i'm going to contact to make the music ok?
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    *deleted from my library*
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    Culture Free Music!
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    I hear this is a troll, amarite? Pretty class if it is. If not then pretty average and lame x
  • Avatar for hasselmyr
    Areet Josh, this is a pretty epic trollin' operation you got going here.
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    I'm not jealous, be assured, and I will be one of the first to admit that he has got loads talent, but this is not just a cover, it is literaly exactly the same. I'm sure many if not almost all of his songs are composed by himself, but this really just ruins his integrity. Seriously, check it out. Listen to track 20. Then, go here: It's exactly the same. The facts don't lie, man. It's only one I've got proof of, but it does harm his integrity a bit, doesn't it?
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    I'd like to say that the song "Movement XI: Aufwiedersehen Verona Now On Forwards To Piazza Di Spagna "Billy, My Son, Billy, My Sonny, Soooooooonny!"" is 100% identical to Kevin MacLeods "Duet Musette", which was made three years ago. In other words, Josh Todd is, as stretts already said, a thieving scumbag. I used to think you were awesome, Josh, but now I don't. Nice job.


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