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  • Avatar for patrolyeah
    Hello, if you want to hear something new, check out this black/death band:
  • Avatar for ofholden
    They're playing some Midwest shows in August:
  • Avatar for Zilt0id-
    great band!
  • Avatar for iPowder
    If you dig Baring Teeth then you might like [url=]Okazaki Fragments - Abandoned[/url]: An insane album coming out of Calgary!
  • Avatar for cletus77
    @iPowder do you have the lyrics for the album Atrophy too ?
  • Avatar for jm_berserk2012
    Wow, Ghost Chorus Among Old Ruins sounds like Gorguts, its great!
  • Avatar for nekultura interview with Andrew Hawkins of Baring Teeth
  • Avatar for cletus77
    Thanks a lot iPowder
  • Avatar for iPowder
    [url=]Lyrics[/url] for Ghost Chorus Among Old Ruins
  • Avatar for Xaulb
    great style they have
  • Avatar for cletus77
    Looking for their lyrics
  • Avatar for thedailygrind
    Ghost Chorus... review up here:
  • Avatar for schizoid_man77
    Really sick new album!
  • Avatar for supostat
    Fantastic effort! I was wondering whether they'll be able to top Atrophy, but no doubt the new album is heads and shoulders better than their first cd.
  • Avatar for iPowder
    Ghost Chorus Among Old Ruins: Digging the new album a lot! Too fucking good. |m|
  • Avatar for timothybarnes
    New album could be better but I like it. One of 2014's stronger tech-death releases.
  • Avatar for ManuYukio
    Tower of Silence is just, glad I came across Atrophy a month before their second release. I'm definitely on board for the new one.
  • Avatar for cheeze5
    Really unique aesthetic. Love it.
  • Avatar for negaoix
    new track, kickass
  • Avatar for iPowder
    "Recording's done! Mixing takes place this week." The new album might be out at or around October/November according to the band! |m|
  • Avatar for abhorion
    great authentic music, fuck "anything"-worship. one of the very few bands out there with original songwriting. keep your awesome shit up guys
  • Avatar for fordervetsinn
    kickass band!
  • Avatar for cletus77
    Fucking solid
  • Avatar for asgard_aesir
    Hmmm. I heard that the new album wont come out until 2014. Darn.
  • Avatar for Kilgorer
    More like Demilich worship.
  • Avatar for Pheneks
    Gorguts worship, which isn't a bad thing. [4]
  • Avatar for true_eZKatoN
    Gorguts worship, which isn't a bad thing. [3]
  • Avatar for asgard_aesir
    A full song has shown up on youtube:
  • Avatar for methodpt
    Very interesting
  • Avatar for UndeadLetters Rehearsal vid of some new material. Should be awesome.
  • Avatar for starswallower
    Really well composed stuff!
  • Avatar for Steve-Mo
    Gorguts worship, which isn't a bad thing. [2]
  • Avatar for supostat
    These guys are so incredibly underrated!
  • Avatar for SingLoco
    Excellent music!
  • Avatar for niqpwnz
  • Avatar for bawsism
    Not bad, but it just makes me want to listen to Obscura. [2]
  • Avatar for MasterSloth
    Went to see Noisear play a house show in Denton and these guys showed up out of the blue, they didn't play...but anyway really fucking good band live, going to see them again in a month
  • Avatar for stilldef
    Not bad, but it just makes me want to listen to Obscura.
  • Avatar for Christian420
  • Avatar for xVictimOfADownx
    Gorguts worship, which isn't a bad thing.
  • Avatar for abhorion
    these guys kick a ridiculous amount of ass
  • Avatar for Ireallylikeeggs
    One time these guys listened to Gorguts for 17 straight days.
  • Avatar for Pseudomancer
    Wow. This is good.
  • Avatar for Steve-Mo
    Immense. [2]
  • Avatar for Xypuk
    решают,дисочек и тишку приобрести надо бы
  • Avatar for UndeadLetters
  • Avatar for FabyConGuantes
    shit [2]
  • Avatar for unkldrtnp reviewed "atrophy"
  • Avatar for unholycrap
    Holy shit.
  • Avatar for nekultura
    great album!


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