25 Dec 2006, 13:37 by bossanovakid

    10. One More Try
    who would have thought that the vocals of antony without his johnsons and a little bit of flirtateous electronica would fit together so well!! nice naive little song, but that's ok...

    9. Let's Get Out of This Country
    mark my words! the new camera obscura album is way better than the latest belle and sebastian album. it only took me a while to realise that. lovely soulful little record.

    8. The Zookeeper's Boy
    hehe... mew's full album was a bit disappointing but this song was the soundtrack to my summer

    7. Harrowdown Hill
    creepy, slightly spooky... and blessed with the best thom yorke vocals and melody in an long while

    6. In the Morning
    most beautiful song from one of the contendors for album of the year

    5. Young Folks
    most brilliant and most irritating song of the year... no comment

    4. The Operator
    living proof that some germans do have good taste! extremely addictive dance beat blessed with a melody that stands like a rock... …
  • Not another 2006 year-end list!

    12 Dec 2006, 22:28 by Alkini

    2006 in Review

    Favorite albums of the year:

    Bang Bang Rock And Roll: hands-down the best rock album I've heard in a very long time. I hear it as a group of excellent singles that, pulled together, make a concept album about how cliché everything about rock and roll is while retaining a passion for it. This was the first album in a long time that I wanted to play loudly for all to hear.

    Fox Confessor Brings the Flood: Neko's voice is so wonderful, her songwriting and melodies on this album are exceptionally memorable, and the aesthetic in the delivery is good.

    Everything All the Time: I wanted this to be my album of the year because I love the aesthetic, especially the vocal and guitar tones and the mood, but the songwriting itself is a step behind Neko's and Art Brut's.

    The Crane Wife: I didn't want to like this album, and I've never wanted to like The Decemberists, but this album is amazing. It's combining the modern stereotype of indie aesthetic with some very prog-rock progressions and deliveries. …
  • Infinite Mixtape Fanboy

    30 Aug 2006, 18:41 by Alkini

    Pitchfork's Infinite Mixtape feature is a great reinvention. Thanks to it, I have a handful of great new music that I'd otherwise never have listened to:

    The Operator -- typically a German electronic artist / vocalist would never draw my attention but this song made me start a Wikipedia stub for Barbara Morgenstern. Who knew German could sound so dreamy?

    Another Sunny Day -- people have been forcing Belle and Sebastian on me years but this is the first song I've given a fair chance and I'm hooked. Oh those sweet guitar tones and those melodies.

    Let's Get Out of This Country -- Ha ha, Pitchfork, Camera Obscura is from Glasgow too -- let's put them next to Belle and Sebastian. Sometimes I wonder if this band can stand on their own but the rest of the time I'm fawning over the more sweet guitar tones, the strings, and especially that voice singing those lyrics. Wait, Brian Robertson is from Glasgow too; is everybody from there awesome or what?