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Banjo is the next logical evolution from the short-lived 2003 project, ¡Schitt! ê ü æ, a group formed to be as intentionally terrible as possible.

However, whereas ¡Schitt! ê ü æ was confined to the unplugged instruments of New Orleans's Neutral Ground Coffeehouse, Banjo has the full arsenal of electric amplification to craft their sonic abortions.

The recordings herein will not give a remote impression of "true Banjo", which can only be experienced live. Sobriety is forbidden among the band members at shows, as are practices beforehand. The Banjo you are hearing here is refined, polished; some lunatics may even call it "good". The rest of us know the vicious truth hiding almost invisibly behind the soundwaves.

Pray that "true Banjo" never finds itself where you are. Thank your deity for small favors until that day.

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