• Song 85.000

    28 Dec 2009, 17:30 by maarten325

    Song 85.000 was Window Blues by Band of Horses.

    Song 84.999 was Cigarettes, Wedding Bands also by Band of Horses.

    They're both from the Cease to Begin album. go out and buy it...i did.
  • 19,999~19,990

    13 Sep 2008, 13:53 by HananivW

    19,999 Michael Andrews-Mad World Hearing this cover for the first time really brought something out of me. I'd already had a history with this song, knowing the original so many years prior. This time, well, now it's different. I can now empathize as a father and as a teacher as well, so it breaks my heart nearly every time. I've failed here, and there and there as well. I am broken. This is a reminder of why I tell my students to speak the language of love and not to judge anyone. this song is unfair, too, because it speaks the truth and sometimes I just don't want to hear it.

    19,998 Derek Webb-A New Law How pathetic am I? "Don't teach me about truth and beauty/ Just label my music." I didn't need a slap in the face right now. I will say that this is a great album and I am actually grateful that I have it.

    19,997 ケツメイシ-ドライブ あっ、これはいい曲だなぁ。。。いくら聴いても嬉しくなるんです。この曲も、歌詞が解らなくても平気です。Groovyっていうだけで いいんじゃないですか。

    19,996 Weezer- Pork and Beans Wait a minute! What song is this? Oh yea, Weezer, and he's dropping names. …
  • Song Of The Week 2008 - Week 19

    9 Jan 2008, 14:29 by acedrums

    I found that last years journal was of great interest to me and hopefully you too. For me, it revealed a great widening in my musical taste, and also confirmed many things about many artists for me. I hope this year will set a similar trend, and more new artists being included. Indeed it starts with a great discovery for me:

    Monday 31st December - Sunday 6th January

    Cat Power - The Greatest

    Though strictly speaking, Cat Power was someone I have been aware about for a while, this week was the first
    time I have really started to listen to her music. I recently received her excellent album Moon Pix however this song from her 2006 album, also called The Greatest came to my attention via YouTube. I saw footage of her brilliant performance on Later...With Jools Holland, a show I would thoroughly recommend to anyone who can get it. The version from that show remains the best version I have heard, including the album version.

    It is a brilliant, lush track, full of backing singers, strings, piano, guitar and drums. …
  • The 50 Best Tracks of 2007

    14 Dec 2007, 06:33 by inutil