• Album Collection

    30 Dec 2011, 14:06 by ReachDown

  • Favorite Song(s) by my Top 15 Artists

    3 Jul 2009, 18:08 by hablamosnico

    Since I never write anything really music related (or at all) here, I decided I would. So I'm looking at my top 15 artists according to total listens on my profile page. Let's go. (And I may actually be indecisive or pick multiple for some artists, heh.)

    1. Warren Zevon - This is a hard one. But up top are definitely Desperados Under The Eaves, Jeannie Needs a Shooter, Raspberry Beret (better than the original), Poor Poor Pitiful Me, and I'll Sleep When I'm Dead, to name just a few—I like all his stuff! (You wonder why he's my top played?)

    2. They Might Be Giants - Another hard one (there will be a lot of these). I'll say Ana Ng, Climbing The Walls, Birdhouse in Your Soul, New York City, Take Out The Trash, Snail Shell, Sleeping in the Flowers, etc. There are waaaay too many. All of their stuff is good. Definitely my favorite band of all time.

    3. The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Let me start off with saying that I hate people who just label this band as 'Jimi Hendrix. …
  • Song Of The Day - 08 Sep 2008: Ezy Ryder

    9 Sep 2008, 02:44 by sablespecter

    Jimi Hendrix / Ezy Ryder / The Cry of Love (3) / Mar 1971

    Favorites of 1970 - Day 2: Honoring the great year of 1970 with a week's worth of selections (almost all) from that year!

    Following on yesterday's selection, this is the other selection for this week which was not released in 1970. Yesterday's was simply because I chose the original of my favorite cover/alternate arrangement that was released in 1970. Today's selection was in fact not released at all in 1970, so I suppose it might not technically meet the criteria of being a favorite from that year no matter how flexible I want to be with release dates, yet it is an original from 1970 because it was performed live several times that year! So I let it slide on a technicality!

    "Ezy Ryder" actually debuted the day before 1970 began, as it was one of the songs that Band of Gypsys played during their live debut at the Fillmore East on December 31, 1969. Two more shows followed on New Year's Day 1970, but they didn't play the song during either of those sets. …
  • Celebrating One Year of Song of The Day!

    25 Jan 2008, 03:20 by sablespecter

    I brought the concept of the Song of The Day into the internet age one year ago today, 24 Jan 2007 (local time), and I've loved every day of it.

    If you have been reading along, then thanks for reading and especially to everyone who has commented in! If you're new to SotD, please stay tuned as we move into year two!

    In the past year, we've had a SotD from all of the artists listed below (# of selections). With 365 selections up, I've only covered 5% of the sablespecter catalog, and it's growing by more than an average of a song per day, so we're not anywhere near being in danger of running out of songs!

    In fact, the nicely coincident timing of Last's big announcement means the collective available catalog is now quite a bit larger for all of us! It's almost cosmic timing - I wonder if this is their way of celebrating?

    Yeah, probably not, so to celebrate a successful year, I've decided that starting today, Song of The Day is now open to requests (don't all rush in at once LOL)!…
  • Song Of The Day - 31 Dec 2007: Auld Lang Syne (Hendrix)

    31 Dec 2007, 22:35 by sablespecter

    Jimi Hendrix (as Band of Gypsys) / "Auld Lang Syne" / Live At The Fillmore East (II-1) / Feb 1999

    Artist: Jimi Hendrix / Band of Gypsys
    Original Album: Live At The Fillmore East / Live at the Fillmore East (disc 2)
    Track: Auld Lang Syne

    The five-day year-end countdown concludes with a selection by the artist for whom I gained most in appreciation this year, and whom I "visited" at his resting place in Renton, Washington while vacationing in Seattle this past summer, so I feel a selection by Jimi is the most fitting way to close out SotD for 2007.

    Collectively billed as Band Of Gypsys, Jimi with Billy Cox (an old Army buddy) on bass and the Electric Flag's Buddy Miles on drums, played four shows at the Fillmore East on on December 31, 1969 & January 1, 1970, putting the final touch on the Sixties and welcoming in the year of my birth and decade of my youth. At these shows he preferred less showmanship in favor of doing what he really wanted to do…
  • Big Yum Yum: secret Gary Cooper side project?

    24 Jul 2007, 22:42 by talking_animal

    In the 1957 movie Love in the Afternoon, Gary Cooper has this four-piece Gypsy orchestra (I would say Band of Gypsys, but that is a reference that leads in a different, yet equally fulfilling, direction from the one in which I'm going) that he keeps on retainer to play live music while he woos an interchangeable sweetheart in his Paris hotel suite. (Maurice Chevalier plays a detective who blames Cooper for seducing about 99 44/100ths of the respectable-wife population of Paris; turnabout is fair play when his daughter Audrey Hepburn gets involved with Cooper.)

    The band, with a hammer-dulcimer, a guitar, an accordion, and a violinist, plays the same repertory every night for Gary Cooper; neither the music nor the seductive approach ever changes. That repertory consists of these Gypsy-sounding arrangements of standard pop tunes.

    The idea that I could banter flirtatiously with girls like Audrey Hepburn in a deluxe hotel to the romantic soundtrack of a real live Gypsy four-piece…
  • Top 10 Guitar Solos - Pt 1

    17 Apr 2007, 20:29 by blackstrat

    Well here's my own list of my favourite guitar solos. This list is NOT only based on speed or virtuosity; in fact there is one single criterion, which is my own opinion. I also tried to pick a wide variety of different solos. btw, I'm awfully sorry for my English.

    song: Free Bird
    guitarist: Allen Collins
    band: Lynyrd Skynyrd
    album: Pronounced Leh-Nerd Skin-Nerd

    That's what I call a guitar solo. So intense and looong. And it keeps getting better with each listen. You can forget about the first half of the song, but the last four minutes are an excellent guitar duet which just makes you want to play air guitar.

    song: One
    guitarist: Kirk Hammet
    band: Metallica
    album: ...and Justice for All

    Although being quite fast, this tapping solo is nothing too spectacular from the technical point of view (although it is the most technical one of the songs on my list). In contrast to the solos in the beginning of the song, it's also rather unmelodic. …
  • What about the Whole Experience?

    7 Apr 2007, 22:19 by mwitzke

    I'm really dissappointed how the other members of The Jimi Hendrix Experience never get any credit. Songs made by a bona fide band shouldn't be put underneath the frontman.

    For some reason many consider Jimi Hendrix to be a solo artist even though he collaborated first with the Experience and then later with the so called Band of Gypsys.

    This is like labeling songs by The Police as Sting songs. Even though Sting may have been the lead songwriter he wasn't the only member of the band. Just like Jimi Hendrix was the focus of the band but not the only important member.
  • 5 Favorite Bassists

    3 Sep 2006, 22:45 by thatdarnjap

    My 5 favorite bassists and the basslines you should listen to:

    5. Flea of Red Hot Chili Peppers - "Blackeyed Blonde"
    4. Tim Commerford of Rage Against the Machine - "Calm Like A Bomb"
    3. Chris Squire of Yes - "Heart of the Sunrise"
    2. Billy Cox of Band of Gypsys, Jimi Hendrix's bassist - Just listen to his jams with Hendrix or "Machine Gun"
    1. John Entwistle of The Who - "The Real Me"

    I'm not saying those are their best basslines, just appreciate them.
  • Good Morning

    28 Aug 2006, 18:17 by gandalf3

    Hello anybody who's reading this...probably not many, but hey, it's free, so what do I care ;)

    So, I'm gandalf3, and that is me in my picture. Before you say anything, I wasn't posing, but looking at the trees (that photo was taken using my computer in a hammock in my back garden].

    The music I like should be explained by my listening trends sometime soon, but because I've only just managed to get Last.fm working on my computer (the main software won't work on my MacBook, so I'm using the iScrobbler plugin), I'll describe it to you:
    My favourite genre of music is , but only from the late 60s/70s. However I also listen to lots of other genres: I like some , a bit of , and some, but only a few tracks.

    As written on one of the group discussions, my five favourite bands/artists, in no particular order, are:
    1.Pink Floyd
    3.Jimi Hendrix (Both The Jimi Henrix Experience and the Band of Gypsys)
    4.Led Zeppelin
    5.Jeff Buckley