• Banco!

    7 mars 2007, 21h22m par MacThePenguin

    Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso is one of the very few albums I bought "upon trust", without knowing anything about the album or the band.
    That's been an extremely good choice as I loved the album from its first spin in my stereo. I *hate* opera but I think the opera-style voice of Francesco DiGiacomo is beautiful and suits perfectly well the symphonic, keyboards/piano driven Banco music.
    And the lyrics are great, too. If you don't know Italian, I strongly suggest you spend some time browsing the reviews in If you search hard enough, you'll find some excellent English translations.

    To think that this is only the first Banco album! The following ones are universally regarded as much better than it. I couldn't contain my curiosity - I had to do something. :-)

    Since I'd downloaded L'Evoluzione a few weeks ago, I'd been looking for Darwin!, the original 1972 one (to my understanding, Banco did a "new" version of the album in the '90s). …